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Information for new parents about new EYFS?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. anyone?
  2. I have been adapting mine today- I have just divided it up into 3 prime areas followed by the 4 remaining ones (sorry - now brain dead so can't remember what they are called now!).
    Unfortunatlely our meeting is also Thursday and out new EYFS Briefing is not til Tuesday so I have just used what i have gleaned from here and the document itself.
    I can email it to you if you would like but it is not great shakes really. Perhaps someone else has a better version.
  3. Samantha705

    Samantha705 New commenter

    I am also having the same problem and my parents evening is also on Thurs.. I have been trying to adapt my previous one but like you have not attended the training. Could you possibly e mail me a copy ifi send my e mail address?, i would be very grateful

  4. Samantha705

    Samantha705 New commenter

  5. Hi I too have a new parents evening next week. Any chance I could see a copy of what you are doing ? Many thanks

  6. Hello! Is there any chance I could have a copy emailed too? My email is becki_952@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much
  7. mehmetdan

    mehmetdan New commenter

    Nurseryworld have been running articles about what is new in the EYFS with little review boxes on each page. Maybe you could subscribe online to get back issues as they are quite a helpful reference.
  8. i have my parents workshok on new EYFS next tues and i am devising my handouts...
    Would you be sooo kind to e mail me your resourses that you use with your parents!!
    thanks a million
  9. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I've just added the powerpoint that I'm going to use to the TES Resource Bank, and it should appear within the hour. If you click on my username you should be able to get to my resources and it will be the most recent one.
    The big blank spaces on some slides (eg the ones for each area of learning) are to add children's photos.
    Hopefully it will be a useful starting point, that can be adapted to different schools. btw, I haven't had any training yet, so may have missed some stuff out.
  10. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I've just revised my powerpoint. The black oblong on the literacy page is actually a video that I inserted. If you click on it, it will (hopefully) play the Letters and Sounds clip that shows a close up of somebody saying the pure phonics sounds so that parents can hear how they should be saying sounds with the children.
  11. Hi could I please have a copy of your ppt?


    thank you!

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