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Informal chat and classroom observation

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by bam53, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am new to here - I am currently completing my Honours degree through the Open University (June 2011). I have been applying to schools directly to see if they will employ me as an unqualified English teacher and support me through a GTP. Milton Keynes Academy has written to me today and asked me to arranage a date to go and see them and they would also like to observe me teaching a short class - I have not been given a subject yet.
    I do not know what to expect, how to prepare, what I should know what to wear etc etc etc - Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Bethan
  2. Congratulations on being invited in! As far as the lesson goes, you really need to get specifics off them: what subject/topic and the focus for that lesson, what age group the class is, what ability, and how long a lesson you should be teaching. You can't really plan anything without this information.
    When you do know, you need to settle on clear learning objective: what precisely do you want them to be learning for that one lesson; and also a learning outcome: what will they be able to do by the end of the lesson (apply knowledge, define a concept, etc - depending on the subject you're teaching and the time you have. Then take it from there.
    As for dress, I think you should be suited and booted - if you're standing in front of a class you need to look professional. Even if it's only informal, I think you should try and make a good, strong impression by visually saying "I'm professional, I want to teach, and I mean business."
  3. Thank you for this information :)
    I have been told that they will be giving me the partculars closer to the date of the 'interview'. This is my first 'proper' teching job/interview - I have unoffically taght and planned lessons (at a secondary PRU) but I think I am just a bit anxious as this could be the start of the rest of my life [​IMG]
    I really appreciate your help, thank you.

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