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Informal capability - with no observations??

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by ruby385, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    My HT is trying to put me through informal capability, I'm not sure why and she hasn't told me so far. But I have a feeling it will be to do with behaviour management because I this year I have been given four nightmare Y10 classes who I have struggled with. The only other thing I can think of is that I dropped a mercury thermometer in one of my lessons recently. It was picked up that my marking was behind during a book check at xmas, but I put that right and at half term my books were checked and as a result examples of my marking were used as best practice and shared with the staff. So surely it can't be that!
    I was only an NQT last year though and had no support whatsoever. I never had a mentor meeting, not one all year. All I had was the odd ten minute drop in from the DH and the obligatory one obs per term to be able to pass induction. All my obs during NQT year were good and I haven't had any since then. Can I be forced onto informal capability without ever having an unsatisfactory obs? As I say, I haven't had an obs of any kind since summer term last year. I passed NQT with flying colours, with my final report saying how much progress I'd made, what a reflective practitioner I was and how readily I respond to feedback. Yet six months later I'm incapable?? Just don't see where there evidence is coming from.
    I'd like to fight it as I had no support at all during my NQT year, which I should have had a right to. Plus I have been bullied and intimidated since I started here by one of the technicians here who I have to work with, which I have reported time and time again yet no one has ever acted upon my cries for help. Do I have a case for fighting this? By the way, my regional union rep is fully involved.

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