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Info from the Dept of Education

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by darkness, May 14, 2011.

  1. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    You will be laughed out since the legislation states that support staff can indeed be used for middle or long term as it is at the HTs discretion and also can be used to do acts of specified work. It says so in the 2002 education act. You can thank David Milliband who signed off on it. The guidance may well say something different, but it is only guidance and still at HTs discretion.

    I would welcome any changes to induction. Frankly it should be abolished. I find it disgraceful that a teacher may have QTS but can fail induction and be barred for life from teaching in the public sector. It is inherently unfair to require all to pass induction when not all schools offer it. Inevitably there will be some who simply cannot find a placement to complete it.

    Of course new teachers need to continue to demonstrate they meet requirements, but this can be done simply through further training. Why make it so official that inductions has to be completed within a certain time frame and failure results in ending of a career. There are already procedures in place to deal with poorly performing teachers and so new teachers can simply fall under these rules.

    It is a level of bureaucracy which is simply not needed.

    The trouble I have with this is you are inherently accepting induction as a given rather than trying to advocate its abolition

    The other issue with induction is it is simply disgraceful that under the legislation someone with no QTS can work in schools carrying out acts of specified work etc, and yet someone who is by the outset far more qualified can be ruined. It simply makes no sense.
  2. You have got it wrong. It is regulations that state that it must be qualified teachers who are assigned to teach but it is the guidelines that say support staff may be allowed to carry out specified work. Those guidelines also say that support staff should only be used to cover for absent teachers for the short term only ie up to 3 days.
  3. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Would you like me to show you the legislation? In fact I will just do so out of the kindness of my heart. Guidelines in fact try to encourage support staff not to do specified work, however, legislation is supreme in this case and says they can at the HTs discretion.
  4. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Other persons who may carry out specified work
    10. - (1) This paragraph applies in the case of a person who is not a qualified teacher and who is not mentioned in paragraphs 2 to 9 of this Schedule.

    (2) Such a person may carry out work specified in regulation 6 in a school only if the following conditions are satisfied -

    (a) he carries out work specified in regulation 6 in order to assist or support the work of a qualified teacher or a nominated teacher in the school;

    (b) he is subject to the direction and supervision of such a qualified teacher or nominated teacher in accordance with arrangements made by the head teacher of the school; and

    (c) the head teacher is satisfied that he has the skills, expertise and experience required to carry out work specified in regulation 6.

    (3) In this paragraph a "nominated teacher" means a person who is mentioned in paragraph 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 of this Schedule and who is nominated by the head teacher where he considers that appropriate in the circumstances.

    (4) In determining whether the person mentioned in sub-paragraph (1) has the skills, expertise and experience required to carry out work specified in regulation 6 in a school, the head teacher may have regard to-

    (a) such standards for higher-level teaching assistants, or guidance concerning school support staff as may be published from time to time by the Secretary of State; and

    (b) such guidance as to contractual matters relating to school support staff as may be published from time to time by any local education authority or other employer.
  5. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Section 2

  6. Regulations and Guidelines made under the Education Act 2003
    Paragraph 1 - These Regulations are made to uphold the role and status of qualified teachers
    Paragraph 6 - all classes timetabled for core and foundation subjects and for RE musst be assigned a qualified teacher to teach them.
    But of course it has been established that regulations do not have to be followed so do we suggest to pupils that they do not have to follow school rules?
  7. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    A link ot what you say may be helpful, however, it does not detract from the fact that indeed, support staff can carry out acts of specified work and in fact there is no time frame, only in guidance only to which the legislation states is still at the HTs discretion.
  8. One wonders why the Department of Education goes through an "open" consultation when there is so litttle honesty and will from those who have the power to actually implement the changes that MOST teachers want?
    Are Mr Gove and his team of bureacrats at the the Department of Education completely deaf, hypocrits, inept, insincere or possess all of these dreadful qualities ?
    Are these people actually capable of listening???? to what we have been crying out for so long?
  9. tories dont like legislation-particularly legislation that protects employees. now they are getting rid of TUPE and 90 day redundancy notice, academies rip up national pay scales and conditions. Perm teachers will be getting a good taste of supply medecine.
  10. historygrump

    historygrump Senior commenter Forum guide

    The only people opposed to the use of support to teach are some of the misguided support staff, who think they are teachers. The move by Labour I feel as the support of the NUT, NASUWT (after what they stated at the last conference), most parents and many decent and honest support staff, who hate being used to teach when they are not teachers.
    Even the moderate ATL stated to me, that support staff should not be teaching, the Dept of Education states that they can only be used for short-term periods and any teaching on a permanent basis should be reported. So obviously the only people who are abusing the use of support staff are dishonest heads, who look at the rules and see what they want to see. I agree the tories are an problem with their aim of destroying teachers porfessional status and to make education, a market economy with wages and employment rights varying from academy to academy. If we don't succeed then, 'littleguide' you are 100% correct, it is only a matter of time that permenent teachers find that they have no job or professional status.
    So I am campaigning in the hope of getting the amendment suggested by Labour into the Bill, I have even wrote to a peer to ask him to put forward amendments to the Bill to ensure that only teachers can teach, and even cover lessons. I am not saying it will work, but 'darkness' I am at least fighting for my job and professional status, because I care about teaching and the children's education.
  11. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    Do you not see thr irony in this considering it was Labour who did it in the first place. they were the ones responsible for the education act 2002/03 which allowed the deprofessionalisation of teachers, allowed support staff to be able to teach.

    i do admire your efforts, but frankly I will only support a campaign of the removal of the right of those not qualified from teaching. And an abolition of NQT induction which is a waste of time and inherently unfair.

    I am thankful that after campaigning in Wales, the Welsh Assembly government may indeed be taking a different line and restore the professionalism of teachers and start making amendments to the act to remove such undesirable elements..

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