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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by nicholaj69, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Help needed (again!!!)
    As i have mentioned I am new to reception in sptember, after teaching in y3/4 for 5 years.
    Our induction process begins next week with children coming in for three afternoons and then a full day. There isnt a staggered start in September as i only have 15 children.
    Im finding it difficult to decide what to do with the children on these days- particularly the half days. I want to get to know them and vice versa but i want the days to be useful in terms of trying to gauge some ability.
    Another problem i have is that i will be teaching in someone else's room. Someone who currently isnt happy about moving up to year 2 and reluctant to allow me into the classroom and show me the resources available! I feel that this teacher (deputy head!!!!!!) could make my life so much easier but instead i have to ask you lovely people on this forum!
    Hope you can help!
  2. Hi
    I'm also new to reception next year and will have a class of 15 children. I'm also new to the school so am not sure on the resources available.
    I have an induction day coming up in early july so would also be really interested to here some advice on how best to plan for this.
    :- )
  3. It might be easier to focus on a book for the afternoons and have activities set up around that with a short focus time at the start and end of the session. Songs and stories. Somthing familiar like the Gruffalo or Hungry Caterpillar, Elmer. You could include a craft activity so they go home with something.
    Good luck
  4. Same problem as you last year - not the deputy bit! You will need to look round the classroom before hand - even afterschool when shes gone. I would also check which resources are schools and which are hers as not to cause problems. Have you got an outdoor area?? If the sun shines they'll all be outside.
    I started with a quick circletime game and hello my name is - 1 boy said t.rex arggggg at this point I thought OMG what have I done![​IMG] Then showed them the toilet - V important and then a quick tour of 4/5 things they could play with. Then me and my T.A played along side the children and observed them. We also painted their faces and over summer made a welcome display so they could see it on their 1st day. We stopped early and had fruit and milk - should be in school already for infants. Quick story and bye bye! It will fly by and when your officially in you'll love it!! I do xx On the other afternoons similiar set up with 1 activitiy for the children to take something home xx
  5. Hi
    We do similar things, I usually read The Duck in the Truck which they tend to know from nursery and even the really quiet ones end up shouting out the rhymes. I wouldn't have anything too exciting/wild out, just the usual, playdough is great for playing alongside them, it's amazing how chatty they become when rolling it out. If you're not sure whether there'll be some in the room, google the recipe and make some to take with you. On the second session ours decorate a welcome box, it's just a washing/cat food pouch box which they cover with old wrapping paper and collage bits. They then use this when they start in September to bring something from home with them each day for the first week, it has to fit in the box (so no massive cuddly tigers!). We put them on the table and then during the day they each come and talk to a member of staff about what they brought with them and why it's important. They love it.
  6. Love this idea!!!!
  7. me too! thank you everyone! x

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