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Induction query

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Panda85, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Dear all,
    I am due to complete my induction year at the end of this term, however I have been working in an independent school. This means that I have not been registered as an NQT with the local authority, and my supervisor says he isn't able to complete the usual termly induction reports to send off to the local authority as I'm not registered. This means that I won't get an induction certificate from my local authority.
    I am due to start a new teaching job in September, working in a school under the same local authority. Will I be able to start this new job having passed my induction year or will I have to start the induction year over (really don't want to have to do this when I already feel I've served my time as an NQT)? I'm just concerned that my new school will want to see an induction certificate.
    My current school says they could draw up their own certificate and provide their own reports, however I am unsure whether my new school would be able to accept these.
    Please can someone clarify where I stand on this.
    Many thanks,
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Look at www.tda.gov.uk as they have the Induction rules and Q&A.
    If it's not on the website, call them for further information or contact your Union.
    Independent schools can offer Induction but I'm not sure who the awarding body is. You've missed out, I suspect, if they haven't registered you with anyone and are simply able to validate your year with them.
    You could contactt he LA Induction adviser for your specialism/Key Stage too and find out where you stand.
    If you have not been 'in the system' at all for Induction you will have to start it at your new school. that doesn't necessarily mean starting on M1. Your year's experience may still mean that the school are prepared to pay you higher on the payscale. My sister started on M3 after 10 years in management in industry (unrelated to her Nursery teacher specialism).

  3. Induction can only be assessed by two bodies, the Local Authority for state schools (and independent schools by arrangement) or the Independent Schools Council Teacher Induction Panel (ISCTIP). If you have not been registered with either body then you cannot claim any induction time as completed. You will start induction in September and it will be the three full terms. The LA/School can take into account your year of work for pay purposes and you do not have to start on M1 as stated above. The current school cannot provide any form of certificate as it would be meaningless, induction is a legal matter and only the LA or ISCTIP can pass or fail someone on induction, the law does not allow for induction to be backdated, so even if they provided the reports etc, again it is meaningless as they count for nothing.

    You need to inform the school that you are still for their purposes a NQT on induction and the school must provide you with NQT time and PPA time as well as appoint a mentor and provide support etc. Make sure that the head does register you as a NQT on induction (he may assume that you have completed) otherwise you will be in the same position gain and not completing induction time.

  4. taylorhevs

    taylorhevs New commenter

    Is it possible to do your induction in a Further Education setting? I recently qualified as a secondary Performing Arts teacher and am qualified to teach KS3,4, and 5. I have been offered work in a local college teaching the BTEC course to post 16 students. If the college agrees am I able to do my induction here, and would it still be the local authority I register with?
  5. Yes it is, my friend completed hers in FE. The college have to make sure you are mainly teaching 16-19 year olds and give you time to spend in another setting so you can meet all of the standards (usually a 4 week block in a secondary school). Not sure who the awarding body was, think it was the LA.
  6. historygrump

    historygrump Senior commenter Forum guide

    Under the proposals this teaching experience may count towards the induction, in that they are looking to extend the organisations in which induction can be done in and they are also looking at counting previous teaching experience into any induction period and so possibly reducing the induction to a term for some people. I believe that the proposals if adopted will come into affect from April 2012. please look at the consultation form.
  7. It is possible, but the college must enter into an agreement with the local authority and you must be given comparable conditons (mentor must have QTS, you must have a reduced timetable and there is also the condition of teaching in a school setting as noted above). Please ensure that you are registered with the LA. Most LAs will charge the college for overseeing the process. In the past this has meant that very rarely someone thinks they are doing induction but at the end of the period it transpired that the college didn't sign an agreement or pay, so induction was not, in fact, served.

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