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Induction not recorded!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by shadowkitten, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. shadowkitten

    shadowkitten New commenter

    Hi all,

    Big problem for me. I'm an Australian trained teacher who got QTS in the UK through the assessment only route. I did do an induction year through my academy but I don't think that they registered me with the LA because the NCTL has no record of my induction year, I've only noticed now because I'm applying for jobs at other schools.

    I went to a year's worth of NQT twilight training CPD sessions, I had many observations that year and my school has records of this.

    Worst case scenario I know I can ring the LA and do a single induction term rather than 3 but I've just applied for an Assistant Head position at a school that I LOVED and when I met with SLT they seemed to really like me and it seems like I have a very good chance of being offered the role. Will they still be allowed to offer me the role if I have QTS but haven't done the induction? I'm more than qualified for the role, I'm in my 7th year of teaching in the UK, I've had 3 leadership positions whilst over here and I do have QTS.

    If I am offered the job, do you think I can do a half term of induction at my current school and a half term of induction at the new school? I'll be furious if I miss out on this opportunity because my academy didn't register me!!!
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    In circumstances where there has been a paperwork error then appropriate bodies have the flexibility to record an induction as a data loss error. The problem lies with the school not recording and if you have evidence of induction you need to push the academy you were in to discuss your situation with the LA/Appropriate body. You also have 7 yrs of performance management evidence of your teaching ability.You should also talk with your union and see if they are prepared to lobby for you. Doing an induction in a AH role is not the best way to start in a new school but it does depend upon how much they want you and if they are prepared to consider this option. The problem is its not just time serving you need the rest of the induction arrangements- mentor , reduced timetable, lesson observation etc.. if the AB is the same LA as the Academy you are in then perhaps a sensible solution can be discussed.
  3. shadowkitten

    shadowkitten New commenter

    I’ve found out what went wrong.

    I did my QTS assessment only route at the same time as my NQT year. I did this at my academy’s insistence, they told me it was more efficient doing them together and that if I did the NQT year at that time then I wouldn’t need to do it the following year. The awarding body for my QTS was aware that I had done this and said it was fine.

    But now I realise that I was never registered as an NQT with the AB because I didn’t have a QTS number at the time and my academy neglected to tell me, instead they sent me to the year of training & observations as if I was an NQT. They gave me the impression that I was registered and because I was attending NQT CPD outside of the school as well as getting observed I believed them.

    So it’s not a data loss error, the academy messed up & never confessed to it to me and the QTS awarding body also didn’t pick up the error and told me that I didn’t need to do an induction the following academic year (I got QTS in July) as I had already done it. After getting QTS I specifically asked the QTS provider what else I had to do and they said nothing, I had already done the induction.

    I’ve taken it to my Union. I specifically asked both the academy & the QTS provider if I needed to anything further beyond that year and they said no, I had done everything. I could’ve resolved this 2 years ago and now I may miss out on a job because of it.

    Additionally, since being awarded QTS I have had observations every 2 weeks and I’ve also been in a leadership position since then in addition to completing NPQML & having my performance management evidence so I have a lot of evidence to show that I’ve met the teaching standards since then. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out.
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  4. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    At one time the ITT provider were also able to assess for induction alongside QTS but this was several years ago today it is only an Appropriate Body who can recommend an induction completion. The Academy or ITT provider are going to have to involve an AB in this.
    I hope it does get sorted -you may find you have to chase your Union as they can be slow in progressing these things. If that has no effect then I advise you take legal advice and get a solicitors letter to the Academy if you are losing out on posts.
    Best wishes

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