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induction evening

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mrandmrsbance, May 31, 2011.

  1. I have found several similiar powerpoint presentations for the above As anyone got any other useful info to add
  2. Hi!

    I wrote an agenda to go with my slide show so that I had a reminder of who was going to say what (as we had the school nurse and school council as well as me and the head) and what documentation was relevant at that point. We had an envelope for each parent to collect as they came in which included a welcome booklet, invitation for their children and other documentation. I found it useful to have the notes with me as I like the slide show to be mainly pictures and not loads of writing, but that's just me.

    You're more than welcome to have a copy if you pop up your email address. :)

    Maddie xXx
  3. NettyMc

    NettyMc New commenter

  4. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    Hi Maddie
    Would you mind e-mailing me a copy of your slide show too.
  5. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Hi Maddie, i would really appreciate if i could have a copy too. I have a powerpoint that i usually use, but is always nice to see what others do too. Thank you in advance.
  6. I would really like to have a look at your powerpoint please!!

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you very much!! Just had a look - they all look great!
    Jennie :)
  8. smartlass

    smartlass New commenter

    Hi Maddie,
    I'd be very grateful if you could e-mail a copy of your slide show/notes when you have time.


  9. Hi sorry to jump on the band wagon but if it's possible please could I have a copy.
    Thank you in advane
  10. camily

    camily New commenter

  11. Sent guys xXx
  12. smartlass

    smartlass New commenter

    Hi Maddie,
    Sorry, it appears my anonymous email address has died, could you try smartlass@rocketmail.com instead?
  13. Hi Smartlass,
    Not a problem, have resent :)
    Maddie xXx
  14. Not a prob, sent :)
  15. Please may I also have a copy?
    Thanks in advance

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