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Induction Booklet for Children

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by MrsC@TheGates, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. We have lots of new children entering the school after Reception and I was thinking of putting together an induction booklet. We have a Welcome Booklet (with information about the class year group), but I wanted to make this more personal.
    I was thinking that there could be a space for the child's photograph and s/he could record who his/her assigned buddies are, new friends that s/he makes, some information about themselves and space to record some key events over the first week after joining the school. There would be space for the child's name and class etc. and a little map of the school at Key Stage 2. Also, some space for parents to comment on how the child has settled.
    I was wondering if anyone already had something like this that they would be prepared to share- save me starting from scratch.
    I'd be very grateful and happy to share anything I have that you would find useful.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Don't have such athing, but if I did I think I would put a section in with quotes from children.
  3. What a fabulous idea! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to pinch that!
    We have recently overhauled our 'information for parents' brochure and it is looking really good and we have had some positive feedback, but we don't do a booklet specifically for the children. We gets lots of children joining the school mid-year and we have a lot of systems in place to support them, mentoring etc, but nothing 'written' for them.
    I am going to give our school council the job of designing and producing our booklet (with help from our deputy heads who works with the school council). I like the idea of having a booklet for new pupils produced by our pupils. 'Things you really need to know about our school' kind of thing.
    Great idea, glad I popped into this forum today - thank you [​IMG]
  4. If you get one sorted can I have a copy?? It's way down on my to do list at the moment, I'm afraid.

  5. NettyMc

    NettyMc New commenter

  6. It sounds great, I would bvery much like a copy if you are still willing to share.
    Many thanks :)
  7. I'd love to have a peek if you don't mind.
    Thanks have a great weekend
  8. I would also be very grateful for a copy. We have a wonderful new prospectus but it would be good to have something for the children.

    Di Davies
  9. It does sound like a wonderful idea - it could really strengthen a generally weak process. I'd also love a copy, if that's OK. thesmith@me.com
  10. It sounds a fantastic idea, I like the idea of quotes form the children. A childs book for children.

    Could I have a copy of what you've done if that isn't too cheeky.


  11. Hello.
    I would love to have a copy if you are still willing to share.
    Many thanks
  12. Would be great to share. Happy to send you t&l booklet or helping with reading at home if a good swap?
  13. mathsquestion

    mathsquestion New commenter

    I would like a copy too,

    Many thanks,

  14. If possible could I have a copy too?

  15. I would also appreciate a copy littlemissd@virginmedia.com.
    Many thanks.
  16. finite

    finite New commenter

    This is exactly what we need to develop in my school - could I have a look too, please, if you don't mind.

    Thank you in advance


  17. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    could I have a copy too please?



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