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Induction advice?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by FoundationStage!, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I am 12 days overdue with my first baby and booked for an induction this Friday at 8am. 37 hours to go! Am hoping he will arrive sooner so I can use the new birth centre at my hospital otherwise it will be in the labour ward. Just wondering whether anybody has any pearls of wisdom to help me through this anxious waiting time. Thanks, FS! :eek:)
  2. I am 12 days overdue with my first baby and booked for an induction this Friday at 8am. 37 hours to go! Am hoping he will arrive sooner so I can use the new birth centre at my hospital otherwise it will be in the labour ward. Just wondering whether anybody has any pearls of wisdom to help me through this anxious waiting time. Thanks, FS! :eek:)
  3. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Sorry no advice as my LO came 4 days late on her own- but good luck! Hope it all goes well, keep us posted x
  4. I so know how you are feeling FS- I was induced at 12 days overdue and my son arrived the following evening. Those twelve days seemed like an eternity- almost like the whole pregnancy again!! I got so fed up with the texts/calls from people asking if there was any news/had baby arrived yet etc that I stopped answering the phone- as if I wouldn't have told anyone when baby finally arrived!!
    The only advice I can give is to be prepared for nothing much to happen and lots of waiting around. I too went in at 8am all geared up for things to happen and for the staff to start me off and i wasn't even seen by a member of staff apart from beng shown to my bed for nearly 2 hours!!! I had two pessaries 6 hours apart and then my labour started at 5am the following morning, before being transferred to the consultant led delivery (my blood pressure kept going very high and baby stopped moving around) in the afternoon and having him just before midnight.
    Take food, snacks a new book, some music and some earplugs- the antenatal ward was next to the postnatal ward- I didn't sleep very well due to the crying babies and you need all your strength to get you through labour and the forthcoming sleep deprived days ahead.

    Good luck!!
  5. I was induced with the drip rather than the pessary as I had meconium in the waters. I was disappointed as it meant I couldn't have a water birth. I took my mp3 player and loaded it with lots of calming music which I listened to to help me sleep on both the antenatal and postnatal wards. Make sure you take lots of food/snacks for OH - I was very well looked after, but he didn't really want to leave me for very long once I was in established labour so he ate his way through lots of special K bars and dried apricots - no food otherwise and mine was mostly at night. I'll be honest and say it was really painful as my body tried to take over from the drip and meant I had no respite from contractions so birth plan went out of the window and had I carried on I would have had an epidural (ended up having C-section.)But the midwife was brilliant at moving the monitor and drip stand to allow me to bounce on the ball/rock etc.
    One of my friends was successfully induced with the pessary which kick started labour and meant that she could have a water birth.
    Good luck - fingers crossed you won't need the induction.
  6. I was 14 days over, went in had the pessary walked up and down loads of stairs nothing much happened - no contractions or anything, but after 24 hours was dilated to 4cm (?!) so they broke my waters, and had to get my contractions started with a drip and things happened pretty quickly - I went for an epidural because they just started hard and fast, rather than building up. Got to pushing point, pushed for two hours, baby's heartbeat dropped and was no nearer so had spinal block and forceps with another two pushes. LO was born at 16 days over - 8lb 15oz. I really don't think he was ready to come out he was still very vernixy and not pickled! Take snacks, and puzzle books and don't be too frustrated if things don't happen as quickly as you think they will. I also got sooo cold and hospital sheets do not cut it for cosiness! Fingers crossed for you. x
  7. My advice is, prepare to be patient! I was induced at 10 days over as very large baby expected. Had pessary once and gel twice followed by them breaking my waters then the drip (pethadine and epidural needed!). LO finally born at 14 days over. Take lots of snacks, lots of books or other things to do etc. Also, tmi but anyway... If the pessary makes you constipated, tell the midwife on the ward... Or the inevitable will happen at the pushing-for-two-hours stage (very embarrassing!)
  8. I was booked in for induction but at 12 days over LO finally arrived on his own. I was walking 5 miles a day (quite briskly), bouncing for hours on my ball but I am sure the thing that got things going was seeing a friend who made me laugh hysterically. Things suddenly started to happen. As a result, I did avoid the induction. Hope things get started of their own accord. If not, best of luck and am sure all will go well. One midwife told me to do jigsaws on the floor - I did one 3000 piece one. It nearly killed me and did nothing to help at all. don't bother - am guessing you might not have time for a jigsaw now!!
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I was induced with my 2nd the evening of 11 days overdue, at about 11pm!
    Be prepared for it to be quite quick....that was my experience anyway. As soon as she put the tablet thing in you could see slight contractions on the monitor, although I couldn't feel them. The MW said my cervix was very closed which is unusual for a 2nd baby, and when they put a 2nd tablet in at 6:30am the next day she said 'when it happens, it'll be fast.'
    Contractions started about 10, and rapidly were every 2 mins, lasting a minute or more, and she was slightly back to back so i really felt them!
    Do you have a TENS machine? I found that really helped, and going for a short walk helped labour go faster I think. Also gas and air is fantastic [​IMG]
    My labour was 4 hours 21 minutes in total, and it was fine, and not that much more painful than when I had my 1st who wasn't induced.
    You still have time for him to arrive on his own anyway! My son was 10 days late, and was born the afternoon of the day when I would've been induced!
    Make the most of the next few hours reading, watching a movie, chatting on the phone etc....anything that you will have difficulty doing once baby arrives!!
  10. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Would you be able to use the birthing unit if you go +14 days?
    Have you asked for 'expectant management'? ie using non invasive methods to be assured that the placenta is still working well and the baby is happy to be in there. You do not have to be induced if you don't want to be induced even at post 14 days. I have heard of women going into labour naturally at +22 days and baby was perfectly fine and not even 'overcooked'.

    You can also ask for your Bishop's Score. (Whether or not the cervix is becoming favourable for labour - done manually) The higher your bishop's score the more likely you are to go into labour soon anyway so maybe worth waiting a bit longer. The lower your bishop's score the more likely induction would not result in a vaginal delivery.

    It is up to you however. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  11. i agree with undiwear, you can refuse to be induced, especially if it's only because of dates and not down to a medical necessity. good luck x
  12. Thanks, everyone. Your responses have been reassuring and have helped me get to grips with what tomorrow may bring. I am not going to postpone although I appreciate you informing me of my right to do so. I can not stand being in limbo anymore and I need to hold my baby asap. I am just hoping he resoponds well to the induction and doesn't require much more intervention to coax him out. Not sure I will be able to check in again before I am on the ward and waiting but appreciate all of your stories. I expect I will have time to check after I have had the pessary though whilst I wait for it to take action! Thanks again, a nervously excited FS!
  13. Ooh hope it all goes well for you. I was induced and here are the things I didn't know and wish I had (mine was unexpected, due to nothing much happening after waters breaking)
    - you can't eat anything so fill up before hand! I didn't and was starving and lightheaded!
    - if like me, you will have the tummy belt monitor and drip on, so you have to be quite still but I would def recommend asking to sit on a ball as at my hospital anyway they would just tell you to lie down.
    You prob know this already but just in case...
    Let us know how it goes x
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I was allowed to eat, but i didn't eat much as i puked in my labour with my 1st so figured I would again (and i did!).
    I was monitored for an hour after the pessary, and then an hour after the next pessary (or tablet, or whatever it was!) and then later for about half hour to check everything was ok, but I was free to do as I pleased apart from that.
    Hope it all goes well! Let us know how you got on x
  15. Hope all goes well today, FS! thinking of you xx
  16. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    With my first, didn't want induced birth, so booked for an appointment to discuss CS, but then labour startednaturally. The mw said having sex really does work to kickstart labout because of hormones in sperm, she went on about it a lot...
  17. Hi all, thanks again for sharing your experiences with me. I'm delighted to tell you I'm at home with my beauiuful three day old son. I was lucky to have been 2cm upon examination when I checked in for induction - must have been the sex! Just as well as I'll never be having sex again!! I didn't need to be induced bit my waters were ruptured artificially by a crochet hook type device. I lasted until 5cm on the TENS machine then didn't find it effective. I moved onto entonox and loved the stuff!! After a few breaths of it I gave my husband the thumbs up and told him I was at Glastonbury in the Green Fields. The midwife was impressed at my enthusiasm! I had a bath and moved fast to full dilation. That was odd! During transition i could hear everything but was conpletely withdrawn. I had my hands curled under my chin and was grunting like an animal. I was taken back to my room and stayed on entonox on all fours until 10cm and then the gas and air was taken away because I wasn't pushing effectively. I was moved to the bed which wasn't on my birth plan - I wanted to be mobile and upright - at midnight. Pushed on my side - nothing. Was put on my back and ended up in stirrups, told to pull my legs back towards me and PUUUUUUSH! My husband was astounded when he saw our baby's head! It took two hours of pushing and an eventual episiotomy to get my whopper out. He weighed 9lb 6oz and was two big and I was two exhausted to push him through. They said there was a ridge of skin he couldn't pass which is where they cut me. I delivered him at 2.30am Saturday and left hospital at 4pm. I couldn't handle the stress of all the babies crying although they weren't rushing me out to discharge me at all. It's day 3 and I'm hoping my milk will come in today. I'm not sure I'm producing much/enough colostrum and have the midwife visiting for the first time today. She called yesterday but we hadn't been told of the appointment and ignored the doorbell. Sorry for my sleep deprived rambles. It's exceptionally cathartic to tell my story, especially with sporadic bouts of baby blues through yesterday. I found the labour very hard as I had no pain relief whatsoever for pushing for two hours and needed the extra help to finish the job. He shot out with the final push once cut and it was love at first sight. My husband has been amazing and we are operating a tag team. My stitches seem to be healing and I'm treating them with salt and arnica oil baths, witchhazel on maternity pads and baby wipes to clean myself after a poo. Followed by a bath! Also popping arnica pills. Thank you for reading if you've got this far xx
  18. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  19. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    aaaaaaahhhh! i loved reading that, you've bought it all back (me, this time last year) but in a good way!
    so glad you're enjoying your lovely baby, it is cathartic to write about the labour isn't it? and talk about it too, i did a lot of this when i started going to baby groups - everyone wanted to share!
    for now just enjoy your 'babymoon' and try not to worry about a thing, if i could go back i'd curl up in bed with LO and OH and not get out for a week!!!
    kj and LO 1 year x
  20. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Congratulations! Lovely story! Wow, 9lbs 6...imagine how big your 2nd baby will be [​IMG] That is, if you ever have sex again!!
    I second the gas and air being amazing!
    Enjoy your baby boy! x

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