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Individual Dictionaries / Word Books

Discussion in 'Primary' started by magicstar29, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. I am looking into using individual word book / dictionaries
    with my year 2 children. The type which already has their high frequency words
    in and space for them to add more throughout the year. Does anyone use
    them, do they help with the children’s writing and if so any ideas where I can
    get them from?

    Thank you
  2. I made one with all the year 1 key words, can email you it if you wish.
  3. I do find that my children do use them, but they often forget to read through the words that are already in there and come asking for the same word more than once.
    The best way I find to use them is to get the child to have a go first (and I call them my 'have a go' books. That way they and I can see how close they were to getting the word right for themselves. It also means that they are less likely to forget the word they want to use while they wait for you to get to them .

  4. Ramjam

    Ramjam New commenter

    Good point - you have to teach them how to use them and then persuade them to use them. I like the idea of calling them 'have a go' books. One thing to watch out for: OFSTED really castigated a member of staff who had queues of children waiting for words in their wordbooks instead of having a go. I get the children to put 3-4 of the spellings they got wrong in a piece of work into their word books so they know they have it. My tA checks that they are putting the correct spelling in - some children are careless copiers!
  5. My children always have whiteboards and markers pens in the middle of their group tables.

    I have trained them to:

    1. Look in their individual dictionaries for the word they want to spell first.
    2. If the word is not in their dictionary, then they try to write it on a whiteboard.
    3. Put their hand up so that I or TA can check their spelling.
    4. Children then copy word into their dictionary (I or TA check it's done correctly).
  6. Thank you
    munchkin_1979 .My e-mail is magicstar29@hotmail.co.uk
    Does everyone make them or do you know where I can buy some ready made as there are nearly 80 children in the year so if I can save myself a few hours I would like to buy them.
    I also like the idea of the children having a go on whiteboards first (if they can find a pen as they always seem to disappear!!)

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