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Indie Prep School Job....would you?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Rowntreegirl, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. I took a job in a prep school once (i'm secondary). To be honest i was bored stiff and missed the stimulation and challenge of gcse and a level classes. I also found it weird how they cared more about how many 'matches' you supervised than how much academic progress your classes made. I felt like a childminder for the wealthy and left after 1 year. I did struggle a little to get back into state - they are generally quite suspicious and suspect you might not be able to hack it. I would be very careful not to stay too long as without exam class experience it would be v hard to get back into the state sector. Oh and you'd probably have to work saturdays, longer contact hours during the week, and get paid less with no career progression. I would advise 'don't do it' but i'm sure plenty of people will say the easy life of a prep school is a dream!
  2. rdigsworth

    rdigsworth New commenter

    Having spent 2 years in a very small Prep school,I should tell you that you probably will face...

    - a lack of progression - there is very little way up in a Prep school
    - Saturdays, which are harder than you think, and really narrow your weekend. By the time you get home, cleaned, done the washing, bought the food shopping, its 6-7pm and you think where has half of my weekend gone?
    - Sport? Most prep school teachers often teach 'games' 3, 4, maybe 5 times per week (including Saturday,and occasionally Sunday afternoons). For no extra pay. It can be a real drag (or a liberation, depends on your pupils), going outside for an hour after 6-7 lessons.
    - I find form 5/6/7 very frustrating sometimes, especially after teaching A Level/6th form. Dealing with pupils who will behave very well, but won't listen to the most basic of instructions - e.g. still writing the title when everyone else is half way through their lesson.
    - Doing a wide range of jobs, cover, duties. I get out of the door at 7pm at least twice a week.

    All prep schools are different. Ours is particularly small, and victims of parent power, and have a lot of pupils who take advantage of a lack of discipline from the top. However, these are just some things to be aware of!

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