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India Theme Day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by carolineh83, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi.
    We ran an India Day in January. As we are a three form entry, we had one room where the children tried food, did a spice quiz and made coconut ice. In the other room, they tried on saris, designed their own and had henna painted on their hands. In the third room, the children painted diva lamps (that we made the week before), made block printed wrapping paper to take them home in and made rangoli patterns with coloured rice. The day ended with Bollywood dancing and a talk by our ICT guy about life in India.
    It was a great day and the children had a fantastic time. All of your ideas sound great. The coconut ice worked really well - we ended up having a sweet and savoury table food tasting wise.
    Staff joined in and all wore sari for the day.Good luck!
  2. hi just to add to your lovely list, how about playing cricket for PE and visit to a temple for RE.


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