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independent Special Schools

Discussion in 'Independent' started by jumbs71, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. jumbs71

    jumbs71 New commenter

    I have been working in an Independent residential special school for the last four years and although I love my work (the students and support staff) I am increasingly frustrated by the lack of training offered.
    The overall culture at the moment is money over everything and I am often having to fight for resources for the students, staffing, training, even day to day maintenence.
    I really love working in Special Education, but feel I am becoming out of date and out of touch with new developments.
    Is lack of training and opportunities for sharing good practice common in Independent schools or am I on my own.
  2. Barry's twin

    Barry's twin New commenter

    My experience matches yours, been in independent special school for 3 years now, training is patchy at best, and money is always tight. Love the place but will have to move to progress.

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