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Independent recruitment proceedures

Discussion in 'Independent' started by rlh1285, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Was just wondering if anyone could shed any light for me? Had an interview at a prep school yesterday and wondered if they take longer to get back to people than their state counterparts!

  2. They do whatever they want I'm afraid! They might keep the vacancy open and keep interviewing until they find someone they like, or it might be you but they are in no hurry to decide! If it's for a Jan start then they will have to make their minds up in the next couple of weeks. You could always ring them to enquire what the situation is - shows keenness.
  3. Thanks for your response! It's for a September start, and they said all sorts of lovely things about my teaching and interview at the time. Just so frustrating not knowing!

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