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Incredibly disruptive child

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lillipad, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I have a child in my class who is incredibly disruptive. Whenever he is in the room, he will talk over me, make silly noises, burp, fart, whisper children's names and do absolutely anything to spoil the lesson so that he gets attention, even though it's negative attention. You ask him to stop and he'll say "Ohhh i'm not doing anything" or something else to that nature and then carry on, and if you turn your back on him, he will do anything to irritate the other children. He is literally dying for attention, and I can only give him so much when i'm on my own, and i've tried distracting him with jobs and all sorts, which work while they last, but sometimes it's just unavoidable that he has to sit down and listen with the others or he won't learn anything, even though he's not anyway.

    Anyway, it's getting to the point where i'm starting to crack now, because he is just SO defiant. Missing playtime / lunchtime means nothing, he's been sent home before too which did nothing. What do you do with the child who has just given up? Help me to help him!! Please! Thank you.
  2. Has the Ed Psych been in to see him?
  3. Sorry to hear this. Which year group? This would probably have a bearing on the advice given. Is there a whole school behaviour policy in place? Have you taken this to the SLT? Advice/support?
  4. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    He's year 3. Ed psych has been on, not much success there!! :(
  5. I've had this kind of thing before with a couple of year 6 children. Firstly, is this child getting any special needs support, does he have an IBP due to his behaviour?His behaviour is very controlling, he knows what buttons to press. I'd really keep banging onto your leadership team about this child; in my experience things will only deteriorate until he faces periods of exclusion. I wonder if there's any lsa support he can have to release the pressure on the class and yourself?
    What about having a really great class reward on a Friday afternoon that the whole class needs to earn individual points for? (If they don't earn it, they don't get the treat) I guess you have spoken to the parents? Try not to react to him or show him how annoying he is; please insist on getting support for this-behaviour support?
    Chin up! Don't take it personally.
  6. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Well mum is supportive, but useless at home - no boundaries at all. She's not overly interested. The trouble is, even if you ignore him - which we do to a certain extent and we accept low level disruption we wouldn't from other children - he just carries on and it gets worse and worse. I just find that he's so disruptive, it's getting impossible to keep him in the classroom. I just need some way of managing him and can't see it. Rewards don't work either...
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Moan to the SENCO. Moan to the HT. Get the parents involved. Start a home/school daily report card. Get them to take the brat to the GP. Generally kick up until something is done.
  8. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Forgot - send ALL the work that he doesn't finish in the school day home, to be handed in completed by next morning.
  9. Go with lardylegs. I would also start sending him to the HT at every opportunity. It gives you and the rest of the class a break, and shows what he is like to HT. Send him down with work and then, hopefully, he won't be sent back to you too soon.
  10. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Definitely don't tolerate behaviour from him that you wouldn't from other children. That gives him the clear message he rules and you don't.

    Sent him out as soon as he starts, or maybe one warning and then gone. Anywhere will do. Another class, DH, HT, home. But do not accept the behaviour and keep him in the room if he is disrupting others.

    Lots of positive attention for doing the right thing, however small, and out of the class for anything wrong. No it won't work overnight and you will have to keep going until he gets the message. He is also likely to get worse before better as he is expecting that you will give up if he can show it doesn't work. Keep going consistently through this and tyou will win in the end.
  11. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    you have 1 of them......hahah.i have 3 boys who attention seek. maybe notquite asbad....but combined they cause massive disrutpition to the class..and no thy dont get help as they are not demed to need any!
  12. I also have a Year 3 boy like this so I know exaclty how you feel!!!
    You need to get the HT/SMT on board. This boy needs to be taken out of the class and needs to earn his time back in class. My Year 3 boy was put onto a Pastoral Support Plan by the Behaviour Support Team which means that he is only in school 3 days - on those days he is greeted by LSA, they run through the day, he knows that if when in class, he is disruptive then he is removed immediately - all teachers have been trained in positive handling. The other children shouldn't have to watch him being defiant and dispruptive.
    It's worked well o far for my boy - he is slowly understanding that the adults are in charge and not him.
    Don't take any of it personally though - I know it's hard not too!
  13. Ive got one of these too!
    Mine WANTS to get sent out of the classroom so I have the battle of trying to keep him in but sometimes he just has to go for my sanity! Mine kicks off when expected to write anything. Have posted on here before and got some good tips which I have tried but to no avail. When we are talking, looking at pictures and ressources he is usually OK just will not write unless its copy writing and even then hes not always agreeable to that! He really is learning NOTHING at the moment
    By 9 o clock today he was grumbling "I want to go home, I hate teachers, school is boring etc etc etc"
    Really needing ANY tips for dealing with him - he has a TA but only for 10 hours so the afternoons when I have no support are a nightmare.

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