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Increasing target language in classroom late in the game

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by redheadrover, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. redheadrover

    redheadrover New commenter

    Question here for modern language teachers. I am an NQT German and French teacher. I have now more or less passed probation year and am.lucky to have secured a job at the same school for next year.

    However, I have had such a shock and hard time managing behaviour this year, and still am, to the extent that I probably run 90% or more of my lessons in the L1, English, and feel like a complete failure. I have no theoretical issues with teaching almost everything in the L2, and having that as the classroom language. I am convinced it is the best and and most engaging way to teach languages, amd is how I dream of teaching languages in my classroom. But I have just found it so hard to do on top of behaviour so far, and I am happy if I have kept my pupils no sceaming for a lesson.

    Now I fear it is too late to start using L2 as the kids aren’t used to it, and even if I make a fresh start next year it will still be a shock to any pupils I have already taught.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation, and can anyone offer tips on how to begin to begin to introduce more target language to lessons?

    I have bought a book to read to help me with this, but am feeling a little daunted and depressed as I start to read it!

    Thanks all!
  2. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    It's a great question. Target Language has been chewed over time and time again. One year it's in, it's necessary. The next year it's out. It's ineffective.
    I tend towards the second. There's nothing in the exam spec that gives them points toward the final grade because they can say "may I please go to the toilet" in French. Or "Can I have a new exercise book?" in German.

    You need to repost your question here

    because it is a dedicated space for MFL teacher queries.
    I only stumbled on yours in this place, where I think traffic can be a bit slow...
  3. redheadrover

    redheadrover New commenter

    That is helpful to hear. I suppose at the end of the day mucb of what we do does need to bear exams in mind!

    That is a good tip, I didn't know there were dedicated subject forums; have posted there too, thank you! :)

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