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Increasing retirement age and health

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by jacob, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Of course lizziescat. But we are not living in Midsomer, which I personally wish we were. And there is no point expecting any chivalry from male teachers. At all (my experience and that?s all I can say). However, all these government initiatives seek to divide the poor from the poor and I hold myself in check every time I feel my indignant wrath rising. My god, you are absolutely right. The Big Society is a very paltry place and not one in which I feel comfortable.
  2. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter


    Ignorance is most certainly strength in our world where the Truth is rewritten daily. 86% of our teaching is ?good,? Hurrah! But why have our results gone down? The core subjects flounder, but the teaching is ?good.? Thank heavens for that. Since the teaching is so good, then we must assume that the students have become more stupid. But their levels were so good, are so good and continue to get better. So what goes on? Ask the History boys. They have a monopoly on good teaching. Perhaps letting students teach themselves is not the answer in all subject areas? But we saw it on the video. It must be true. In Newspeak, does not 2 + 2 make 5? Perhaps we should pay them more the History boys. They are absolute and know the Truth. And we must listen to them as they are part of a generation which seeks to promote any form of the latest propaganda.

    Let us venerate the History boys. They are part of the new intelligentsia of our world. They know what it takes. More so than our senior teachers on the brink of retirement, holidays in the mountains and false teeth. The History boys wait patiently to rule the world. Their time has nearly come. Young minds in trousers which are too bloody short.

    The creeping malignant weed of Big Brother is watching us. We are to be observed three times a year by the Watchmen, but, ?Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? ? Who watches them? Who watches the Watchmen? For the rest of us: ? Keep the aspidistra flying.? We can do worse than that.
  4. I don't know who you are lizziescat, but I have thought more and more about what you wrote and I think you are totally sound.
  5. Totally
  6. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter

    Where does this statistic come from?
  7. The Word Bank's World Development Report.
  8. In reading this I have realised that the condition you describe is what I have on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I find that regular visits to the chiropodist helps with my feet to some extent but it is blooming painful and I am sure caused by stress. I agree that if you feel really ill then you must take the time off.
  9. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter

    It shows the opposite.


    Or do you have a specific link?

    For a critique of your unsupported assertion, see:


    "Here: In the U.S. in 2009, the 106 million women who had incomes averaged $29,700 each. I think that's $3.2 trillion. The whole world's gross domestic product—a rough measure of total income—is $58.1 trillion. So, it looks to me like U.S. women alone earn 5.4 percent of world income today. Ballpark, but you see the point."
  10. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter

    OK, I'll spell it out for you: 1% is a very small proportion of women but the chart shows a much larger, increasing proportion of women earning more in terms of GDP. So the "opposite" of very small is much larger.

    You quote the same unsubstantiated assertion also made in the Huffington Post as your "evidence" but are unable to quote directly from the World Bank Report itself.

    You say it "links through" to the World Bank report but I challenge you to find supporting evidence for it in the World Bank report.

    You won't find it because it's not there.

  11. Let me tell you possumpossum that if regular visits to the chiropodist are able to sort your feet out, then you certainly don't have what I have. No matter. Anyway, the facts are that single (later divorced) female women (who have lost out on their pensions for the sake of male partners, who have generally worked unchecked and consistently) usually come out worse in these situations. Just for the record, are you male? You sound as if you are.
  12. Statistics? Get real.
  13. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    This is another oft repeated Government mantra. It would be nice if it was so simple. There is only one country in the EU with a worse pension than ours (it was in the papers recently). If the Government wanted to they could pay us decent pensions at a reasonable age, but money is squandered on tax loopholes for massive corporations and individuals, overseas aid to China and India (who are wealthier nations than us), and glamorous pointless projects like Supertrains and Trident (and Cameron's shooting friends).

    Will they reduce pension ages when longevity falls? Because the NHS is being dismantled and the old neglected, and if privatised, many will not be able to afford treatment? If people are not going to get treatment for long term illnesses or disabilities won't the benefits bill rise?

    Someone earlier alluded to the fact that keeping people working longer keeps the young out of jobs. Yes it does, but early retirement is unaffordable for most, and the government will not throw a few million at it.
  14. No one ever maintains a thread on this forum. People pipe up and die mostly. I hold my hands up. I have no idea what is going on in this country anymore. We are however truly above and beyond most European countries in the way we welcome others and look after them if they are in need. I applaud my country. Shouldn't others however be doing the same? No worries about the old. The young are far more important. I mean that. But what about the young? What sort of prospects do they have these days? Never mind the old? Let them be homeless and on the streets. They have had their lives. What do they matter? Euthanasia is probably the answer. The myth that people live longer............to what end.......give them morphine, don't make them struggle...........be kind.
  15. I don't want to die working in a wheelchair. And I'm ******** if I will apply for benefits.
  16. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter


    Take the money,your health and well being is better than worrying abaout others,,,,do what yu need to do to help yourself to be happy,

    I retired ar 63,,but i still do supply as i still love teaching and am reasonably fit..and its far less strenuous than full time teaching,

    If your pension is below a certain level you might be eligible for pension credits and possible sickness benefit.....but yo wil have to check this.
  17. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter

    Teachers have higher than average life expectancy at age 60. The Hutton Report showed that a male teacher was expected to live to be 87 while a female teacher was expected to live several years longer. You are wrong: people don't "die mostly" or at least not until they've had their pensions for a long time.

    But don't take my word for it: read the figures for actual and projected life expectancy :

    But it's not " a myth". Life expectancy has increased and not just in this country.

  18. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Nobody is denying that life expectancy is increased. It is the propaganda surrounding it and the inhuman conclusions government draw from it that are the problem. The projections are for retirement age to be 66 in 2020, then 67, then 68, and probably going up to 70 eventually. All because the government does not WANT to look after pensioners. Not because they cannot AFFORD to, They can afford almost anything if they have a will, but they would rather maintain the rich, than the poor, inject money into a housing bubble (yes, it is here) that means even fewer people can get on the housing ladder, and spend money on high profile products.
  19. old_dobbin

    old_dobbin Occasional commenter

    But, someone is denying it:

    "The myth that people live longer"

    Governments of countries all over the world have raised retirement/state pension ages. Is that because none of them want to look after pensioners? Even Sweden has raised the retirement age and the prime minister suggested that it could go as high as 75.


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