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Increasing numbers at A-level

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by dd182, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Has anyone got any ideas about how to increase numbers taking a-level at my school. I have a budget and am looking at doing enrichment events with year 11 and 10's. I hopping someone has got some ideas that have helped them in the past.

  2. Have you tried enrolling a select group of able mathematicians in Years 10-13 to attend one of the Maths Inspiration lectures? They have them all around the country.

  3. Andy.Pipkin

    Andy.Pipkin New commenter

    Increase numbers because the bright kids are smart enough to do other subjects where high grades are easier to attain? Or increase numbers because you are in danger of losing staff due to fewer kids taking A-level Maths?

    If it's the former, talk about careers; talk about the desirability of A-level Maths to employers and/or (top) universities; talk about how, if you are good, A and A* grades are easier than in some other waffly "disciplines".

    If it's the latter, just beware - increased numbers = worse results. Either way, you will have a target on your back. too few kids or poor results. It's a lose lose situation.

    Or you could offer them iTunes vouchers :)
  4. We just want more students studying a great subject, we also have grant money that has to be spent on it.
  5. swampyjo

    swampyjo New commenter

    Just keep telling the top sets, from y7 up, "when u take A'level maths. "

    Tell them enough they will start to believe that they can and should.
  6. primenumbers

    primenumbers New commenter

    Sign up to the outreach program's mailing list from the top universities. Take pupils to the events ran by STEM departments and pupils will realise themselves that they need to take A Level Maths or in many cases Further Maths.

    Some universities have great and frequent events such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Warwick, also the Royal Institute of Science and Maths, the Further Maths support program runs quite a lot of events. I really enjoy the ones by FMSP as the speakers and organisers specifically tell pupils that they need A Level Maths at least.

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