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Incorrect country boundaries drawn

Discussion in 'Geography' started by zm2010, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. zm2010

    zm2010 New commenter

    This is a sensitive issue. Personally I wouldn't be happy if you told my son to redraw the map considering there are some countries who do not recognise the state of Israel coupled with the fact that now Palestinians have won non observer status for the areas of West Bank and Gaza. So in theory its a state like Taiwan and the Vatican are.

    Lets assume that you wanted him to know that Israel is officially recognised as a country by the United Nations but then you have the problem of what is the status of West Bank and Gaza. According to the United Nations they used to be known as occupied terrorties but all the has more or less changed since Palestine was granted non observer status at a recent vote.

    Palestine is now literally and diplomatically a state but only in the areas of the West Bank and Gaza. My opinion as a teacher would be remind him that include the Israel and Palestine part on the atlas.


    Gibraltor and Falklands have not been granted non observer status by the United Nations so its a different issue.

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