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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by grdwdgrrrl, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Hilarious, you troll.
  2. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Totally serious. We will have to of course also address the skewed proportions of teachers from ethnic minorities too.
  3. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    My favourite point is “I think it’s time we taught women.....”
    Goodness. We women know what we want to do. We don’t need to be taught anything. Bite me you man-splainer.
    SPC2 likes this.
  4. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    There are people determined to derail grown-up conversations even hinting at race and diversity.

    Let's just have real conversations 'around' such individuals - just ignore them and carry on.

    I've found this thread useful and interesting otherwise.
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  5. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Well I presume you're a woman and white (you've made assumptions about me which I can assure you that you're wrong), and since you hold both white privilege and in a field overwhelmingly dominated by women, in the interest of 'inclusion' would you be willing to give your job up for, say, a gay black man? Asking for a friend.
  6. Thank you for mentioning this.
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  7. Can you please send me a link to the article (if it's allowed...)

  8. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    It was shared in one of the Facebook educator pages I belong to. It may take awhile to find it.
  9. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    That's a solid *no* then. You're part of the problem you claim you wish to solve.
  10. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    You know damn well it doesn’t work like that and your (not really a) question only serves as a scare tactic or dog whistle. “They’re coming for our jobs!” Yeah right.
    We’re talking about needing a fair playing field for applicants to open positions.
    MsOnline likes this.
  11. SecondPlace

    SecondPlace Occasional commenter


    I think Mitochondria1 was last seen flying a plane over the Etihad...
  12. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    These discussions are really important. People do ask Black teachers, who've moved abroad how they were 'received'.

    It can be a significant consideration - especially if you're have children. If you're upping sticks you'd want to feel your child would be welcomed by other pupils, staff or parents.

    It's not to say one would be put off from teaching abroad but it's another level of preparation and research others might not need to consider.

    But then you might not get shortlisted in the first place if the school /parents don't want Black teachers - remember photos before interview are the norm. But maybe this is for the best so you know where you stand?

    Once the research has been done then people can feel free to enjoy wonderful experiences abroad and other cultures can learn from meeting Black people too - how amazing :)
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  13. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    Try copying and googling the text.
  14. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

  15. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    What about Asian teachers? Arabic? Indian? Why obsessed with black teachers? Do the others not matter? Are the others ok, but for some reason black teachers need to be treated differently?
    And no, photo before interview is not the norm, and certainly not in my recruitment policy, nor our application form; some schools ask, some don't.
  16. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    You haven't said anything about the content of the post. Is it something you empathise with? Do you accept racism is experienced by Black staff?

    In the meantime...

    What about me?
    Don't forget me.
    What about someone else?
    But but but...
    Don't talk about Black people's experience so much you're 'obsessed' ​

    My post is about the experiences of:
    - Black staff.
    - Black.
    - Black people.
    - BLACK.
    - B. L. A. C. K

    LOL :) If you're a person of colour then I look forward to hearing your experiences or those of your friends of colour. Maybe some of the people you mentioned might identity with my post as they can experience racism too.

    However, I don't know about those experiences personally but do share your knowledge.
  17. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Well first of all as a 'person of colour', I resent and detest the phrase 'person of colour'; I find it patronising, loaded with a feeling of superiority and really quite offensive. I am a human being born in the UK as the son of an asylum seeker and achieved everything I have based on my merits as a human being, not out of sympathy from people loaded with white guilt or by being looked down upon as a poor oppressed 'Person of Colour'. Yes I have experienced racist comments, yes they were not pleasant, but guess what? If it wasn't a racist comment, it would have been something else offensive or nasty because you cannot shelter the world from hurtful people; every single racist comment made me stronger, and drove a determination to be better than people like that.
  18. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    You’re failing.
    It’s time to reaffirm your determination to be a better person.
  19. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    Anything share about the thread topic/title?

    Re your resentment about poc of term, that's your pov but I don't actually care.

    What I care more about is why you're so uncomfortable with people talking about the experiences of Black teachers/people?

    Re some more recent settlers to the UK in general it should be acknowledged that there has been support too - and quite rightly so. Bottom line, no one should face racism.

    Anyway, do you have any views about racism faced by teachers working abroad? Or about inclusivity? Any ideas for solutions? If not why not start another thread to discuss the random points you post here?
    cherpat87 likes this.
  20. ACOYEAR8

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    When a person is not as good as another, when a person fails to get a position or is arrested for wrongdoing, is promoted or demoted, becomes President or unemployed - why is the colour of their skin always mentioned ?
    For what it's worth, here in UK, a school is possibly the place where you'll find the least discrimination in terms of gender, creed or race .
    If other countries pursue different agendas, then no amount of being upset on this forum will change that.

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