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Incidents that didn?t result in a permanent exclusion

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by oldandrew, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Yes, like the NHS gets through AE inspections by having double the number of staff on when they're expected!
    My mate's a nurse and told me- she also said when ideal times to get pregnant are, because they will have more experienced midwives on at certain times.
    This would be funny if it was on TV........
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  2. i had a y9 lad throw broken glass in the CSA's face and then admit that he had meant to throw it at another pupil not the CSA - he didnt get excluded as he has "anger management" issues and instead was able to openly intimidate me about "grassing him up"!
  3. Weezy18

    Weezy18 New commenter

    We had a child in year 1 (5 years old) that hit us daily, attacked us verbally too. The head made us try lots of different strategies with him, none worked. The other children were scared of him and parents grumbled about him. The head kept saying the next time he did something he would be excluded, but it never happened. It was awful we couldn't teach as he disrupted both year 1 classes. We had marks on our arms, legs etc where he hit us, bit us and so on. His mum has since taken him to another school after our head said she would have to exclude him if it happened again (she said this loads of times before). This child is still doing all the above to his new teacher. We should't have to put up with this.
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  4. How about this:
    A riot in school in which a huge group of students rampaged around the buildings, whipping any of the teachers who got close enough to try and stop them with belt buckles.
    Three teachers trampled underfoot, and one teacher punched in the back.

    When excluded, an appeals panel including governers with a grudge against the Head overturned every single one of the exclusions so the youths were back in school the following week.

    Just beautiful.
    I don't know if this has been discussed, but I know of quite a few appeals panels that have overturned exclusion decisions, resulting in frankly dangerous students back in school with not a word said about their behaviour. How does one qualify to sit on an appeals panel like this?
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  5. i agree with other posters - threatenign behaviour is a crime, if your head wont deal with it go to law and get them dealt with that way. If the head wants to whine about it he can get another job.
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  6. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    True but I feel sorry for the heads as people who have never taught a class can over-rule them.
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  7. The fact that there are so many postings to threads like this tells you a great deal about the epidemic of not just bad, but evil behaviour that is becoming the biggest blight on education in the UK ..... and the reactions to it be those who have the biggest clout to counter it. Apart from the poor bloody teacher at the chalkface many have a vested interest in playing it down and smoke-screening it with jargonised excuses; from SMT to current Education minister. Poor behaviour is the single biggest obstacle to raising standards .... and some of this goes way beyond being labelled poor behaviour. The trouble is that all the half baked solutions and blame laying is done by people who rarely, if ever stand in front of a class of modern youth ... yet have an annoying habit of patronisingly informing us that really it's our fault in some way.

    Ofsted especially has the arrogance to swan into a school for a few days .... make their observations (often a mile from the truth except the bleeding obvious)and tell you that, " .... the behaviour of a minority of students in Y10/11 is often unexceptable and will need to be addressed" (Oh! ...... we didn't know that ..... any ideas how as we've tried everything for the past 5 years.) Unless someone stands up for the majority of good kids .... if Every Child really Matters then it has to mean something tangible, then education is going further downhill fast! Why don't Headteachers' exclude more? Well ..... the LEA puts pressure on not too ... if you do it's seen as tantamount to failure .... lunatics are now running this assylum. Truly bizarre world we live and work in.
  8. Since I last contributed to this thread, I can now add arson to the list of acts I've encountered that haven't resulted in permanent exclusion.
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  9. Vandelising cars on a school car park and tampering with brakes on a teachers car was worth three days apparently, no doubt because the boy concerned told the teacher what he had done ( in a threatening manner " Ive just done your brakes in Miss" shouted in the middle of the corridor with dozens of witnesses) so she had an opportunity not to get in her car and be killed.
  10. Oh and the boys mother has appealled the three days as too harsh and decided to send him back after 24 hours anyway.

    I can tell you though that saying F*** Off to the HT gets five days exclusion. So, thats gotta be a good sign hasnt it? F**** off to any other teacher will get you........ mildly told off by senior managent on removals.

    So F.O to the HT is worse than vandalising cars and messing with brakes.
  11. I had a fake gun pointed at me (just before a holiday) by a Year 11 boy. The incident was caught on cctv.

    The pupil got a two day exclusion - the last two days of term, and I made the comment that next time it would be a real weapon, and he should be permanently excluded.

    Sure enough, immediately after the holiday, he brought in a ball-bearing gun and used it to shoot another pupil.

    For this, he was put on "extended study leave" by the useless weak spineless tw*ts supposedly in charge of the school.
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  12. I just had a (fairly minor) incident with a pupil which I felt warrented an exclusion (due to a previous verbal abuse situation).

    My head was not sure.

    I wrote a letter saying I didn't want to duscuss the incident further without my union rep present.

    The pupils was excluded for 2 days.


    We need their strength, they are only strong if we use them!

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  13. Wow. I have just read this thread. Someone should forward a link to Gordon Brown. I got out of teaching after four hideous, stressful years in inner city Manchester. I've seen so many horrific incidents. I think the answer is to bring back EBD schools. Currently, they are in the process of closing down all the special schools in Manchester as there are 'too many statistically'. Even more nutters will be ruining the education of the silent majority. Despite it going against my principles, MY children will be educated privately. I have seen what goes on.

    Let's keep adding to this thread. Good work oldandrew.
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  14. Magnificent school in Essex
    One poor excuse for humanity (year 8)
    persistent fighting, persistent disruption, gang attack on other student which involving burning of property and violent assault, attack HOY's car on sight, persistent swearing, assault on teacher, threatened to burn down home of tterrified girl, verbal abuse of staff outside including SMT outside school - nope, no exlusion

    Same school - thug who had been involved in assaults outside of school especially towards women,
    usual disruption and persistent swearing in school, persistent bullying of younger students, smashed massive folder on head of supply teacher, chased one teacher and pinned teacher against wall by neck, trashed room and refused to clear it and grabbed neck of teacher and threw him over a desk

    Surrey school - another specie whom in primary he was a complete thug, including smashing the face of a year 3 girl at full force with a ball. 26 other parents of the kids in his class said that whatever school he went to in secondary, they would send their children elsewhere. Thus the thing comes to our school and we lose out 26 nice kids, who indeed are wisely sent elsewhere. I was only in the school one year but among the following - swearing, fighting, abusive behaviour on school trips, attacking parents who tried to defend own child at bus stop, fighting, following teacher and making paedophile comments to him even in the carpark after school, threatening teachers, defecating in changing rooms and smearing it, refusing to wear correct uniform - you get the point.
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  15. its quite incredible... this thread rears its ugly head from time to time and frankly should be sent to Gordon. Anyone know his email address???
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  16. here we are ladies and gents:

    i've e-mailed this link to the government, some more people should send this!

    gordon brown: birdc@parliament.uk

    ed balls: ed@edballs.com

    these are also posted on their constituency homepages as well!
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  17. ...is there really a gut called 'Ed Balls'? brilliant
  18. - I meant 'guy'
  19. Think the only thing our kids from last place do get expelled for is if they do ANYTHING to the head. Its ok if they injure other pupils, but a slight shove to the head is bad,
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