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Incidents that didn?t result in a permanent exclusion

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by oldandrew, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. 1. being hit over the head with a fire extinguisher causing bleeding and permanent scarring
    2. being threatened with 'kick your f****** head in and f***** 'till you bleed'
    3. having bricks thrown at my family- including a v. young baby!

    the last incident i called the police and reported them, only to receive a serious warning from smt about causing 'bad feeling' within the student body- who on earth is in charge here anyway, the students or the so-called authority figures!

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  2. delenn

    delenn New commenter

    wherabouts are you teaching bagpuss fan? Baghdad? That is absolutely horendous. If the incident happened outside the school then it was a police matter only, nothing to do with SMT.
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  3. This is all horrendous reading! I reckon the entire thread should be sent to be used as bedtime reading by our esteemed Gov minister.

    A friend of mine was stabbed through the hand at an inner London school. She made the mistake of asking him for his knife, so he gave it to her.

    The same boy was shot with an air rifle outside school - poor boy was peppered in the derriere - and the staff were all interviewed by police. They said that if it had been any of them, they would have shot to kill.
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  4. delenn

    delenn New commenter

    I agree all the incident's are horrendous but I think what was particularly disturbing about bagpuss'posting was the SMT's reprimand. That is pandering to these yobs that are taking over.
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  5. There are two ways of improving any situation. Actually making it better, or simply making it look as if it is better.

    Our Government continually adopts the second option, which is cheaper and easier.

    A consequence of this is suppression of actions/views/incidents which "do not fit".
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  6. Does anyone know what you can report to the police cos I've never been sure?

    Obviously physical assaults can but, if a kid tells you to eff off is that a verbal assault? Can that be reported too?
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  7. Hi everyone, I teach in Switzerland and have taught in both Swiss public schools and private, international schools and I have to say - I'm apalled and it makes me sad to read about such pupil behaviour!! Compared to what I have to read here, Switzerland is (still) a very sheltered environment. The incidents described here would probably all result in prison sentences for the parents and permanent exclusion and referral to an approved school for the student (or prison if over 18!)!! Although Switzerland is experiencing growing problems (violence, gangs etc.)in schools, according to my experience teachers are still respected and we still have a lot of power over and in the classroom without having to fear legal consequences (with "power" I don't mean an abusive exertion of power, of course).
    When - if - kids swear at teachers it results in detention, a call home, or a meeting with parents, who are mostly very supportive.
    It's not all going super well here in Switzerland and we do have our problems but at least a teacher is still respected and has authority and is more often than not backed by parents.
    By the way: our school system divides the kids by ability from the age of 12 on. There's 4 different school types and apart from that special schools for kids with severe learning/ behaviour difficulties. I think that makes it probably easier than the UK inclusion policy... (my opinion).
    Have a nice weekend everyone!
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  8. What's the quickest way to Switzerland ?
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  9. Easyjet. Liverpool to Basel ... one-way!
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  10. We had a year 13 boy who killed an (admittedly unpopular) maths teacher. This was disquieting enough, as we could not arrange cover at short notice. However he, and some of his cohorts, then proceeded to cannabalise the poor man. They had the temerity to use bunsun burners to create a sort of barbeque and were seen feasting on his flesh - cooked mid way between medium and rare - at lunch time.

    However the head took no action whatsoever, until it was pointed out that they had accompanied the chargriled steaks of our former colleague with a white Riesling rather than the obvious Zinfandel which would be normal for such a dish. He immediately suspended them from school and were sent to the LEA's emergency wine appreciation intervention course.

    Try to tell people that teachers have it hard nowadays, and they think you're exagerating!
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  11. i think I worked at that school. Presumably the maths teacher brought it on himself by having poor relationships with the pupils and not setting out his expectations clearly enough.

    Did he ask them clearly not to kill him and eat him, and explain the consequences of what would happen if they did?

    Blog at: http://infet.co.uk/blog/index.php/a/a Last updated 8/2/2007

  12. As a 21 year old who is going to University in September (leaving 3 years full time work to go) to train to teach via business studies degree etc.

    This reading only motivates me to get in there and sort some of these thugs out. Not "sort them out" in a violent, siege mentality way, but actually provide schooling for those that want to learn, and teach those.

    SMT's attitude to misbehaving pupils concerns me from the reading here, any sort of discipline has to start at the top, lead by example!
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  13. I think the headteachers concerned want an easy life. The admin when excluding pupils is murder!
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  14. Had buttocks groped by a year 9- got 5 days. compare to hanginging an unused condom on HOYs door-permanent exclusion. Says it all.
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  15. Do you all realise that from September they are pretty much trying to do away with permanent exclusions altogether?

    And that 5 days will be the most consecutive days' exclusion that can be set without the school having to provide full time education either back in the school or in the school's 'unit' ??

    So the '5 days holiday' with playstation as a previous poster put it, will in fact be basically the most serious punishment available. And yes, even then, schools will be most certainly frowned upon if they use it.

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  16. In my last school there was one particular class who were notorious for causing problems throughout the school. However, none of the students were permanently excluded even after a number of incidents. 3 examples from my own experience of them:

    1. Boy brings in a knife. He shows it to his mates and I confiscate it. He doesn't argue, just hands it over. I report the incident to several members of SMT. Nothing is done. I am told to keep the knife until the boy's parents come and collect it. Which is never, because noone has told the parents it is there (something i assumed SMT would have already done!)

    2. A different boy throws his bag at me. I send him out of class. He is sent back. I am left to give out punishment- a detention is about as far as a regular classroom teacher can go!

    3. After a lesson a boy traps me in the room with him, and won't let me open the door. He turns off the lights in the room. For some reason the window shutters were left down so i was in total darkness alone with a child who won't let me near the door. I have to wait for him to open it. I report this immediately to the member of the team responsible for his year group. Oh dear, he says. Did you give him a detention? He then says, well i might have his dad in and go for exlusion, he's been getting on my nerves a bit lately. Could do with getting rid of him for a couple of days! Needless to say, nothing was done. I refused to teach the pupil again, but was told that it was a department matter. HOD refused to have him so i was told i must still teach him.

    Needless to say, I found a new job.
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  17. Violence, violence and more violence. You just get so sick of it that you expect yourself to have a 'Falling Down' moment, but it never comes, you just plod on in powerless impotence.

    I can't believe so many kids are morally bankrupt.
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  18. Year 8 boy slammed my hand in the fire escape on purpose. Nothing happened to him at all...not even a day.

    Sworn at on so many occassions I have lost count. Nothing ever happens there.

    Hit by a stool a year 11 picked up to hit another student with. Got a whole day out for that one.

    Year 11 boy brings a knife into school and the same day puts his fist through a glass window to a classroom. He got 3 days.

    2 Year 10 boys bring fireworks into school and set them off indoors by the canteen at break time. One was out for 5 days.

    Those are a few that spring to mind.
  19. I am a bit confused... If you witness such crimes or are a victim of an assault or threatened (especailly with rape - previous post) then surely you just by-pass SMT and phone the police???

    If these things happened in public or another institution then we would contact the police...

    Maybe we all need to make more of a fuss to get some action???

    Urge all:

    - Contact police

    - Governers

    - Press

    - Union advice
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  20. Got my first observation Monday after half term, how scared am I?
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