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Inappropriate TV

Discussion in 'Primary' started by regencyrob, May 10, 2011.

  1. My year 5's watch allsorts
    1 Boy has his mum Sky+ Celebrity Juice
    A number of children were discussing the Strangeways prison programme last night! One boy said his Dad was in the Strangeways Riots - I believe him - Met the Dad!!!
    One boy said his favourite film is IT by Stephen King and another Loves Shaun of the Dead!
    These 10 and 11 year old chidlren should a. Be not allowed to watch these programmes, b. in bed by the time most start and c. Someone shoot the parents!!
  2. It's when they are 6 years old and watching these things that you really worry. Along with their love for call of duty and grand theft auto. And these are children with supposedly very well educated parents!
  3. Feel for us poor parents. My two boys are most definitly not allowed up that late, the soaps don't even go on if they're in the room as there is too much I wouldn't want them to see yet and are only allowed computer games that have a childs rating which they can only play at weekends. Hopefully one day they might thank us for being caring parents but I look forward to not hearing 'but all our friends are allowed!'
  4. Yeah, a Year 3 student told me he had watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I feel that their way too desensitized[/i] (had too lookup the spelling).

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