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In-tray tasks Primary?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Penguin1212, May 8, 2011.

  1. Selotape,
    Thanks for that --- been getting up to date with raise online! Really useful x
  2. Data is a possibility but I think that in-tray is more likely

    Bear in mind the following:-
    Which can you delay until later or realistically delegate/ pass on to someone else?
    There will be a child protection issue - prioritise it!
    Remember future communication as part of your answer

    Finally, there will not be 1 correct answer - it is how you explain what you would do that is key

    Good luck
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  3. I had a (successful) primary DH interview last year with an in-tray task. I can't remember all of the things on there, but it was worded like an imaginary day, just before lunch, when the head was out. I had to write on one side of A4 how and why I would prioritise/delegate/put off the range of tasks. As far as I can recall they were:
    A previously untried supply teacher is in for the afternoon, and needs to know where they will be/what they are doing.
    A well known trouble making child has just left the school site. He often does this, but usually comes back when he has calmed down.
    A teaching assistant says that one fo the teachers is complaining that they are feeling sick.
    Children turn up with some work to show you.
    You have to meet with the Lit leader to discuss tonight's staff meeting that they are leading.
    A parent has called in to school to discuss concerns about their child being bullied.
    School dinners service have called to say that they will be 20 minutes late for lunch.
    Data needs preparing for a governors meeting the following day.
    And a few other minor ones that I have forgotten!!

    Hope that helps.
  4. sameenalam

    sameenalam New commenter


    Can I get some urgent help?
    I have an interview for a TA in secondary school and they said there would be an in tray exercise. What is that about

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