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In shock about cuts

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Mrs Mo, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I'm a HLTA in Cheshire who is being paid a grade below (Grade 6) and works 32.5 hrs per week with 13 weeks unpaid hols pro rata (£13,653). We have been on single status for a few years nowand have been told that now I am at the top of my grade Iwill not be getting a pay rise or increments. I thought single status had been inplemented in across the country and have been suprised at what I have read today. Jobs are difficult to get at the meoment but I am seriousley rethinking my position and looking elsewhere. My head told me I have outgrown my post, am too highly qualifiied and too expensive. What a waste of 15 years service.
  2. I couldn't agree more shscogs. I'm a TA in a primary school with over 50% of the children with IEP's either to cover delays in learning or behaviour issues. We have gone from 8 statements to 1 but that is not because the children no longer have the need; the need is clearly there but is being managed by a team of highly trained and dedicated TAs. At the next academic year that team will be smaller by 3 TAs, the children will still be there as will their needs. Added to which, the government wants more individualised teaching. It's the children who will lose.
  3. I finished a TA contract last year and I'm never going back to being a TA. Working as a temp TA for an agency, I was bullied by two separate teachers in two schools. A teacher I know, is currently being bullied by a teacher/colleague too. These teachers have such fragile ego's, if your a TA with an ounce of sense or ever a degree, then you're definately a threat. I got the impression in every school I worked in, if your not a teacher, your not worth anything. Why put yourself through it? Since leaving, i've never been happier!
  4. I believe in some areas NQT's are having difficulty in finding jobs particulary in primary schools and teaching jobs are being axed. However, teachers are not facing pay cuts. Teachers that are taking support roles are on a higher level pay scale than TA or class room assistants.

    Show the figures of TA's and Class room assistants facing redundancy so we have something to compare them with.
  5. Here in Nottingham TAs are looking at a cut of up to 25% in their wages as, according to the city council, full timers are paid for 37 hours a week but only work 32.5, and get 13 weeks paid holiday a year when other council employees can only get a maximum of 8 weeks (depending on length of service etc.). Obviously the contract that I signed said I was full time at 32.5 hours, not that I was paid for 37 but only have to work 32.5; so, I'm looking at a weekly 4 hour pay cut, plus a loss of at least 5 weeks holiday pay.
    I recently attended a meeting where TAs were given the opportunity to discuss Single Status and its implications with Nottingham City Council (NCC) representatives. Really, it was an exercise in justification, with the city council monkeys explaining that they still valued us, but that Single Status meant we had to be brought in line with other council departments.
    Issues raised at the meeting included:
    • How, when the whole point of Single Status was to protect those
      poorly-paid, often part-time, predominantly female employees, would
      those facing the biggest cuts be the poorly paid, often part-time,
      predominantly women employees?
    • The bullying tactics being employed by NCC - hearing
      that if you don't sign the new contract (with the huge change in terms
      and conditions) that they want you on, by the final date they offer it
      to you, they will just dismiss you and re-engage you on said contract,
      like it or not. So, obviously the contracts we currently have are not worth the paper they're printed on.
    • We were told that TAs don't have a nationally recognised pay body, so this is not a national issue - how coincidental that the Schools Support Staff Negotiating body had recently been axed as an unneccessary QUANGO. The NCC reps then went on to cite the litigation experienced by Birmingham City Council as another reason to persue Single Status - BCC's bin men sued them because TAs got more holiday than them, and then the TAs counter sued because the bin men had the ability to earn bonuses...the whole lot cos BCC millions and millions of pounds, we were told...hang on - you just said this isn't a national issue, so why should what happened in Birmingham matter to us Nottingham TAs?
    • If we were like other council employees, could we take our holiday when we wanted it? Oh no, the needs of the business dicatate you have to have them out of term time, we were told. Needs of the business? I work in a SCHOOL for crying out loud!
    Loads of other issues were raised, but for NCC the bottom line is to cut costs and avoid litigation, and by steamrolling Single Status through they have the perfect vehicle to achieve both. All I know is that, with a 25% pay cut, many of my colleagues cannot afford to stay in jobs that they love and that it has already had a hugely detrimental effect on morale. Our bottom line? The fabulous children that we work with that will bear the true cost of this money saving exercise, but you just won't see it for another ten years, by which time the council that pushed this through will be a distant memory. Every Child Matters? Yeah right.

  6. I am very concerned that supposedly a teacher can make such an idiotic statement and also that we are going down the road in education of who deserves cuts and it is grade related. Standards in schools are affected by many things and most teachers who properly plan for and supervise TA s find them a very useful part of a team. I suggest you open your eyes to the bigger picture.
  7. ref 10
  8. I have been a TA for over 15 years. I take 3 full afternoons of PPA cover a week, (30 children in each class), I cover teacher absence, often for weeks at a time. I am required to plan and arrange resources for my PPA lessons, as well as my 'regular duties', such as changing incontinent children etc. I am now having my pay cut by over £3000 per year. My point is that, were the school to employ supply teachers for all the PPA and absence cover I do, then it would cost them much more than £3000. So they were already saving money, and yet they cut our pay.
    Most of the teachers I work with have told me they would consider leaving were it not for TA's, they feel they could not cope with SEN children, growing class sizes and lots of the other problems faces in today's primary schools.
  9. Hi colleagues,
    just wanted to express some solidarity. I'm a hardly employed supply teacher and hope that all the anti support staff rhetoric from the tory propaganda machine isn't going to succeed in setting us all at each other's throats.
    Please remember that it was under Labour that schools, teaching and support staff flourished. Now it is the tories who want to dismantle our education system. They have similar plans for all public services-NHS,Police, Armed Services, BBC, libraries, museums, sports facilities, social care, social housing, arts....
    I can't understand how Labour is being blamed , by the very support staff (a few on here) who have had good jobs and conditions for the last 10 years, for creating the jobs, building schools and hospitals in the first place!
    Labour is not slashing them, the tories, softening up the public services for privatisation are the slashers.
    Privatisation will not reduce bureaucracy-it will increase it. However privatised bureacracy is OK in the tory scheme of things.
    Are you so brainwashed by the Murdoch media that you believe " we have to clean up labour's mess".
    They certainly are going to clean up- privatise the public services and make big profits for themselvesby getting seats on the boards. Lansley (tory health minister is already on the payroll of American private Health Care providers poised to take over NHS) .
    Have a look at the article below- one of many , if you care to check. Any view opposing the tories cant get airtime in the tory mass media, look on facebook, alternative websites and you'll see this is now where millions of people are finding out what is really happening.
    Date: 06 Apr 2010
    <h1>Balls: Conservatives will reduce teaching jobs</h1>StumbleUpon [/LIST] Ed Balls feels that teacher numbers will drop as the Conservatives have to fund their pledge to cut National Insurance contributions.
    A reduction in teaching jobs and an increase in class sizes within schools will transpire if the Conservatives are voted into power, Ed Balls was expected to say.
    The Press Association highlighted that the children's secretary would suggest at the NASUWT teaching union annual conference that the Conservatives would have to find the money from somewhere if the promised cut in National Insurance contributions was followed.
    It was believed that Mr Balls would target shadow children's secretary Michael Gove for failing to identify where this money would come from.
    The news provider reports that he would say: "We know you can't find money like that overnight in our schools without sacking teachers and teaching assistants and seeing class sizes go up.
    "It's utterly dishonest of them to make these promises but refuse to say how they will be paid for."
    Meanwhile, Labour will not be cutting any of its school budgets should they remain in power after the upcoming elections.
    According to Labour, there are at present 442,700 teachers and 345,900 support staff, which includes 183,700 teaching assistants.[​IMG]
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  10. Now re-write that including evidence d*ckhead.
  11. Hi Teejay,
    I would have thought that the posts on here from TA's receiving their redundancy notices was evidence enough.
    Budget cuts of 25% in large cities :Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and also most northern towns are seeing the closure of children's centres, and massive job losses in schools for ancilliary staff, teachers and TA's- just check on the relevant websites.
    Perhaps you live in a favoured Conservative constituency where the budget settlement has been increased?
    I see from previous posts of yours that you're politics are quite right wing-does that explain your incivility?
  12. In the school that I work at TA's also cover PPA and sickness saving our school lots of money too. my school is a catholic school and we haven't even been told anything about the changes in terms and conditions. we have asked our line manager and were told that the diocese had not decided what they were going to do yet...I think that lets us know how valued we are!
  13. Hi.
    Firstly, congrats on the excellent points you have raised in your message above. Just been reading this thread as i am now being faced with the same situation in Derbyshire.
    I understand that Single Status was put in around Nottingham and I am sat here wondering what the unions did (Unison?) to ease the blow? Were your worst fears realised with the 25% pay cut? Did the Single status commence immediately? Did many of your colleagues leave due to the reduction in earnings?
    Would really appreciate it if you could get back to me.

  14. Underachiever

    Underachiever New commenter

    I'm not from Notts. Where I live and work we went through single status some years ago and I would have lost around &pound;3,000. We went to Unison for advice and were told they weren't happy with what was happening, but all they could suggest was that we find other jobs. So I did. I also found another union; one that understands about teaching and schools. ATL doesn't negociate our pay and conditions, but they have been far more supportive over other things. Many staff gritted their teeth and took the cuts because they had no choice. The whole situation has left a largely undervalued, dsgruntled workforce.
    I think, in the current climate, it is far harder to move around just to maintain your grade, but I fear that's the only option. One thing I couldn't avoid was being forced to accept the conditons of a part time worker. This has huge implications for my pension.
  15. legoearth

    legoearth New commenter

    Sorry that you appear to think TAs are 'taking your jobs' that is how you come across! The word 'has' has an 'h' at the beginning and the to you used should have been 'too' . I don't blame labour, they saw what was needed, I blame cuts. End of! We have lost none due to clever management of funding. 360 pupils 20 TAs .
  16. Most of the blame for the situation in education now must rest with incompetent civil servants and politicians who cannot express them selves clearly without contradicting themselves.
    For instance what does "not interchangeable mean" when related to teachers and support staff? If in the same paragraph these civil servants say that all classes must be assigned a qualified teacher to teaach them what do they really mean.
    So is it a surprise when supply teachers who in the past have been able to cover so many lessons now feel that they are being replaced by support staff for cover for teacher absence and during PPA time (which are not the same thing)
    Who are the losers in these situations?
    1 The supply teachers who are now unable to work.
    2 The TAs who may often have to atke whole classes aaginst their will.
    3 The children who are not getting what they deserve which is to have a teacher for all their time in the class.
  17. Hiya
    Am sorry to say this BUT...it is a TA forum so I will!
    I support the teachers that I work for and am sick and tired...so very tired...of reading posts from certain teachers, supply or otherwise, dissing the work that I do!I can tell you now that these days teachers would not cope without us! I just heard I am on an 11 week(one half day a week) course and my teacher ummmd and ahhhd about "letting me go on it" (my head had decided I was going, end of) as she said she couldn't manage the class without me! Right before you teachers,supply or otherwise, jump in...this is not me saying this and bigging myself up it's my class teacher saying it....yup I know I am "just" support staff BUT with the huge workload everyone has the simple truth is that a class cannot work without two members of staff...and yes Bronco one will be a lowly T.A.
  18. Well said, Laura080269. As an NQT and a previous LSA, TA and INA, I fully respect the hard work and invaluable support that a TA can offer. Personally, I know that I couldn't cope without my TAs. I have a class (mainstream school :-/ ) in which I have: 2 autistic boys, one of which also has epilepsy and schizophrenia; an Aspergers boy; a girl and boy who have anger management issues (chair throwers, kickers, punchers); another boy with epilepsy; a dyspraxic boy; and girl who I am seeking referral for Downes Syndrome; and a boy for whom I have requested dyslexia testing this week.
    So, if I get labelled for being a 'bad' teacher because I can't 'cope' without my AMAZING TAs, then so be it. You are amazing. On top of my special needs mix I have a range of abilities from P8 to L4C. How exactly can I meet all the needs of all the children without differentiated and target group work led by a TA?

    Keep up the good work...Some teachers value you, promise!


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