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In shock about cuts

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Mrs Mo, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. And are the teachers facing similar cuts? My guess is probably not. Typical that they pick on the people who are least likely to take union action. Just think how much they could save by shaving a few quid from the salaries of Headteachers and their countless deputies.
    However, at least you still have a job, which is more than I have. I'm redundant in a couple of weeks (I'm in local gov admin).
  2. Teachers are facing the cuts and have been for quite some time. NQTs are facing so many difficulties in getting into teaching so that they can complete their induction periods; many teachers are forced by economics into taking support roles or leaving education completely; many of the 45,000 supply teachers cannot get work; 49,000 unemployed teachers.
  3. Yes, but are they actually having cuts made to their pay?
    I'm sorry but if I was in your shoes, I'd be taking industrial action. TAs can barely survive on what they are paid anyway (it is not a living wage). To actually cut their pay is actually pretty despicable.
  4. From 18,000 plus to 500 in a year over a period of 4 years is not a cut? If anyone is honest we all know the reasons for that. What union support is there for supply teachers?
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  5. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    A cut from 0.6 to p45 is a colossal cut to my actual pay thanks - teacher with 20 years experience.
  6. The simple answer is to never vote Labour again. Under them the number of TAs ballooned. Standards in schools were unaffected by this army of new recruits. Now that the bills of Labour excess have to be paid it is no surprise that excess staff in schools is where the axe will fall.

  7. OK have to admit to reacting before reading the small print!!

    Seems the pay cut will not affect those on term time only contracts.

    But I'm still really peeved about the cuts in sick pay.... should we really be punished for being ill?
    Even worse, if (heaven forbid) we have a serious or long term illness, we'll have to contend with a serious cut in income too.

  8. rosyjan

    rosyjan New commenter

  9. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Crikey, that sounds like quite a percentage drop in pay?? Is that down from £14,500 to £11k, something like that?

    Our LSAs went single status last year and none of them dropped any pay; I don't really understand how it's all worked out.
  10. I am an HLTA so higher up pay scale & on 32.5 hrs per week but by the time I have taken off 8 weeks unpaid hols and pro rata top line down It makes a mockery of everything I have worked for. It isnt just me though, my collegues that are TAs and STAs will all be taking a cut of approx 3000 per year. I have been trying to find pay scales for other areas of the country but with no luck. Also how many more councils are yet to act on single status?
  11. I am an HLTA in Norfolk- we only get term time only pay plus 1 week for inset training etc - we have been on these contacts for many years - is this what your county is now implementing hence the huge pay cuts?
  12. havebeen expecting it for a while. We have all appealed due to being downgraded as well. We don't seem to have very much information about the rest of the country but feel our payscales are lower. E.G level 3a is what I have been awarded but when reading the profiles I should be on 4a. I would like to hear what other HLTAs have been awarded.
  13. Thanks for the link Jan, this bit was interesting:

    [*]You must have been sick and unable to work for at least four days in a row (including weekends and bank holidays). However, if you were getting SSP sometime in the previous eight weeks, and go off sick again, the SSP will restart again from your first day off work.
    That sounds like if you're off every eight weeks then you will get sick pay from day 1, but if you've not taken any time off recently you won't get sick pay till day 4.

  14. Thanks much appreciated!
  15. Get the overpaid, self-serving posturing gits on the SMT and the heads to take 15-20% cuts in their salaries. They are the true parasites and that London head bathing on the reflected glory of turning round his school by not teaching even one lesson! How disgraceful and malign is that!

  16. My council imposed new pay and conditions upon us ( Northants CC) and even with Union support the council played hardball. Not sufficient TA's were prepared to take industrial action so we were stuffed!!
    They also imposed a new job family structure and was I graded as level 1 with a massive drop in wages. However we all appealed with our Heads support and were successful now a level 3 with a pay rise. Took almost a year of bad feelong but worth it in the end.
    Now the Government wantd to end national standards to give schools flexibilty to pay what they want. Great if the school values your contributions as does mine. But not all are like that.
    Great TA's do make a difference to how a teacher performs by working as a team and targeting support, how children learn by getting additional support and the schools overall performance is enhanced.
    I am fed up of all the TA knocking that goes on.
  17. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    Action againts cuts will only impact if people stand together - not teacher v assistant.
    The national pay freeze affects teachers and assistants, with no additional cuts for anyone in my LA. As Head I've turned down the points I could claim from performance pay after my service was deemed outstanding by my Governors with an external adviser . . . I mention this not because I'm expecting a 'well done' but to illustrate that some of us are actually standing with our colleagues
  18. The fat cats should be drastically slimmed down!
    Phillippo is absolutely correct.

  19. Hmmm... You should try teaching in Spain: 5% cuts already in place!

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