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In September I will no longer................

Discussion in 'Primary' started by iamagoodgirl, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Spend hours on a Sunday doing my planning.
    Unfair workload from Head.
    Spend endless amounts of dosh on stationary (highlighters, staplers,Tippex etc) other than for myself. Others can find a map to WHSmith and Staples and buy their own personal stationary.
    Put up with poor behaviour, being sworn at, lied to/about, rudness from children.
    As above from parents.
    Spend hours in School and leave at least three times a week by 5pm or earlier.
    Try and have at least one evening free of school work.
    Live to work, not work to live. Remember this is a job ! (and only that).
    If this above fails
    a). Look for a new school to work in.
    b) Try Supply (I know it is very tough at the moment)
    c). Think of another job (again tough) but I couldn't keep the pace another 27 years !
    - Could you ??
  3. Oh dear [​IMG]
  4. If the SLT person is able to work these hours, be well thought of and is doing their job well (you don't say anything about this) then which one of you is in the wrong? I think any school which has an ethos of 'she who works the longest must be working the best' has got it all wrong. I am SLT. I work from 7.45 until 4.30pm unless there are meetings. I don't take work home with me, apart from at report writing times, and I don't work weekends or holidays (a few days in the summer to sort the classroom out.) Can I assume this means that my colleagues are disapproving behind my back?
  5. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    They might be - some judge everyone by how many hours they are in school. Personally, I think it's a nonsense. I used to work from 7.30 til 6.00 in school every day and a load more on top but my teaching went downhill, I was stressed, exhausted and having suicidal thoughts. I had to go on supply to start teaching well again and indeed to be healthy and happy again but I am in a temporary post now. Teaching primary aged children is tiring and you need time out to rest and recharge so that you can teach effectively.
    Hope you stick to what you say, Iamagoodgirl - keep us posted!
  6. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    It's my resolution this year to get to school a bit later and leave a bit earlier, on a couple of days a week at least. Last year I was often the last one there, being kicked out when the building closed. No more! I'm going to be like some of the other teachers who turn up at half 8 in the morning and are gone before 4pm. No-one thinks any less of them, so why am I working so much all the time?!
  7. Sometimes I like to leave early so I can get on with marking/planning in peace at home (sometimes in front of the telly) without being disturbed by the cleaner chatting or other people asking for things etc. Does that mean people think I'm lazy? Perhaps I should make sure someone sees me with a pile of books as I leave lol!
  8. I am one of the people at my school who disapproves of people who get in late and leave early, so thought I would explain my reasoning.
    Beestoni, your hours of 7.45 - 4.30 sound quite reasonable to me. That is a big difference to arriving at 8.30 and leaving at 3.30.
    The reason why I get cross with people who do this, is that they are the people in charge, who expect me to communicate with them when I want to do something or have a problem so they know what is happening, or to ask them if I need to know something so that I do things the way they want. They are also the people who get cross if others don't do things the same way as them. However, they think it is reasonable to arrive late and leave early, which makes it incredibly difficult to get a chance to speak to them. And the result isn't just me being inconvenienced because I can't ask them a question at 5.30 when I think of it, it has an impact on the running of the school, wastes the time of those staff who do stay later to get their work done, and generally results in that person not doing their job properly. When these people are the SMT who are telling everyone else what to do, you can understand why others resent it...
    And yes I know they get on with paperwork at home, but doing all the paperwork doesn't mean you are doing a good job when part of your responsibility is to lead and manage the rest of the staff.
  9. My new work hours (as decided by me) will be 8.00-4.3. If people think Im lazy or whatever then so what! I have always worked 7.15-6.00 until it nearly killed me this year so now I getting a work/life balance.

    This Sept I will no longer:
    • waste PPA time faffing and drinking tea
    • Spend all my lunchtime working up to getting books marked but will actually do it
    • Will not say yes to everything...I am learning the word No!
  10. Beestoni - Looking back to precious years I possibly am in school similar hours to you, with the exception last year becasue of the amount of EBSD statemented children in my class who needed daily timetables... created for them.
    I think there is now and has been for a while a culture brewing of he who stays longer at school must work harder. BALDERDASH! Is what I say to that. To be completely honest, most of the days that I stay in school beyond 5, when it isn't staff meeting, is because I sat down in the staffroom after the children left and have chatted to other colleagues about non school things. This is a fab time to unwind a bit and appreciate each others company while taking 5 minutes, cough cough 1/2 hour, out.
    There was a time when my Headteacher asked me to see her for a quick 5 mins about something the following week on Thursday's as she knew Friday's were my quick get away days. NOT that she knew I was still young then and on the way to the social life LOL.
  11. I don't think I understand this post twinkle. Are you saying that SLT should be there in case you have a question? I think that the HT needs to work 'wraparound' hours - she/he should really be there later than most and earlier than most as someone needs to be on-site to make any key decisions / sort out emergency situations etc. There are days when people get out at 3.30pm and I think that's fine - some days you need a haircut, to drop your car off to the garage, to pick someone up, to get home and have a hot chocolate - teachers aren't able to take a day's leave to sort any of this stuff and we can't do anything in our lunch breaks because we generally work through them.
    I am sure I'm not alone in finding that I never have a moment to myself at school - I have been followed into the toilets so someone can talk to me over the cubicle door on several occasions!
    Anyway, I don't think anyone needs stay later than 4.30 or 5. If there is a teacher who is genuinely finding that they're working later than this and taking work home at the weekends and in the evenings then there is a problem.
  12. I will no longer....
    Be 'late'
    I am going to be more organised in the morning so I can get my kids to the childminders on time. They go in at 8, so then I can get to work by 8.15 rather than the 8.30 I sometimes end up in. Lots of other people arrive after me though, including those who stay ridiculously late.
    Waste time
    I am going to use my after school time more effectively and not go home til I've marked the day's work. Sometimes I clock watch after school and leave 15mins after directed time is up [​IMG] and am sure that there are others who look down at me for doing so. However, my lessons are not worse as a result and they don't see the time I spend on the www in the evening finding resources. Much prefer to do it then (when I'm sitting with my hubby and he is watching rubbish on telly) than staying to do it after school. Hurrah for memory sticks.
    On days I have to collect my kids when my hubby can't I have to leave at 4.45 at the very latest. That is about average for leaving in my school, so not a problem. Happily my classroom is away from all the rest, so people don't tend to drop in for a gossip.
    Speak up
    I am also going to speak less in staff meetings etc. I'm one of the longest standing in the school and have long sat there and reminded others of practical problems that may arise when they are planning something, or of things we need to take into consideration. On the odd occasion (usually when someone's plans have been thwarted!) I have been asked not to "be so negative" so last year I started keeping my mouth shut. Let them learn by their own mistakes!
    I am going to attempt to indulge in less wingeing about practical arrangements and things that have been overlooked or managed badly (in my opinion). That one is going to be difficult. [​IMG]

  13. End up staying late on Fridays! I always find myself doing all those jobs I haven't had time to do over the week on Fridays.
    Have a messy desk
    Keep on top of assessments and APP
    Say 'yes' to everything and anything
  14. "Speak up

    I am also going to speak less in staff meetings etc. I'm one of the longest standing in the school and have long sat there and reminded others of practical problems that may arise when they are planning something, or of things we need to take into consideration. On the odd occasion (usually when someone's plans have been thwarted!) I have been asked not to "be so negative" so last year I started keeping my mouth shut. Let them learn by their own mistakes!


    I am going to attempt to indulge in less wingeing about practical arrangements and things that have been overlooked or managed badly (in my opinion). That one is going to be difficult. "

    Waterfin - you sound like a nightmare! I hope that some of the 'longest standing' members of my school would make your resolution too. There's nothing more heartbreaking than someone moaning away in the corner of the staffroom.
  15. I did the long hours culture in my last job where you were looked down on for being the first out the door. I refuse to buy into that again in this job. I get to school at 8am and leave (usually) about 4.30. I choose to do much of my extra work at home. That flexibility is one of the reasons I changed careers.
  16. Thanks! [​IMG]
    Lol! I don't sit moaning in the staffroom, although I do tend to sit in the corner cos that's where the coffee table is and I like to put my cuppa on there. I tend to moan with the teacher I share my class with, in the comfort of our own classroom. [​IMG]

  17. I read (I should say translated) the message to my husband. He totaly enjoyed it and ask me who wrote it. It did sound "usual" to him and he thought it was a mail from a school friend of mine !!!

    So what, will you say?
    Nothing. Escept that I'm and English teacher ... in France!

    Some things are REALLY global, don't you think...
  18. I did the all of the above points and it worked. I thought for hours of what I could do instead but I love the job. So that left 2 options. I left my 'pressured' job in a school that thought it was up there but wasn't really. Did supply and landed a job after my first day of supply! It was very liberating and no longer spend hours and hours over useless pieces of paperwork, good times :)
  19. I totally agree with Beestoni and so many of the other posts on here.
    As the Deputy Head at our school, I start work when I arrive (7am) and am among the last to leave (5.30pm). I usually have 10 minutes for lunch then work through the rest of my lunch hour. I invariably work in the evening until 7-8pm. I work all day on Sunday.
    As it is, I too have to learn to say no; stop trying to be all things to all people; and realise that the school won't fall apart if I'm not at my desk at 7am or if I choose to leave early two or three nights a week.
    How wonderful it would be to work in a job I love as much as the one I have but work flexitime or have time off in lieu or am able to take holidays at a time of year when the places I want to go to are not too hot or when airlines overinflate their prices.
  20. This has given me some great food for thought. I'm about to start my 3rd year in a school with very differring ideas of how long you should stay at school. The key stage 1 and foundation staff seem to manage getting away earlier than key stage 2 on the whole.

    I don't look down on people who can leave at 4.30, I am in awe of their ability to do so! I cannot seem to leave before 5, often its gone 5.30. I still spend evenings and weekends working. The last half term last year my fiance hardly saw me and we were planning the wedding!
    When it was mentioned to senior staff all they could say was be glad we are not doing their job. We have got pressure from higher up at the moment, but reading all the posts on here makes me wonder about whether I am in the right place.

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