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In crisis due to a lack of Business teachers!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Elfimo, May 10, 2016.

  1. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    Well done - it's great to hear teachers getting what they deserve. My friend teaches buisness studies overseas and loves it - very much in demand. As for getting more money I think all teachers in shortage subjects should push for more. Physics friend did short term supply - practically begged by a school to help GCSE and A level students before exams. Was paid £260 a day by the school. When I started teaching Chemistry and Physics after 10 years in the Chemical industry my HT of Indie school said he wanted to push me up the pay scale because of my experience. Three years and I was at top of pay scale.
  2. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    I'm doing a degree in "Computing & IT and Business" and have an A Level & GCSE background in both... I cannot wait to be in the classroom as a teacher (and not just a volunteer TA). I'm on my way!! ;)
  3. Dariddle211

    Dariddle211 New commenter

    Shame none of these are in Kent. I'm a business teacher, and I love teaching my subject. I've found that some school will use business as a 'dumping' ground, and expect them to achieve. I believe that it underpins life skills for everyone, and should be mandatory to do, but I would say that.
  4. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    That was certainly the case in my previous work experience placement... the lower ability kids were pushed into BTEC Business as "the easy option"... Yes you have to look at all the options and find what they are able to do (which is almost everything!!), but to push students into a subject just because that's the easiest option is not right. They should be accommodated in any department they choose really.
  5. Dariddle211

    Dariddle211 New commenter

    Totally agree, however some SLT don't understand this. I had a huge challenge on my hand, with little and no support. It was a complete joke, but the school had a history of a poor department, due to being a dumping ground.
    Some school don't appreciate business a relevant and difficult subject.
  6. leemurphy1

    leemurphy1 New commenter

    In my experience, in Business studies, you get a very broad range of ability and in a lot of schools GCSEs are grouped by option not ability (except maths, English, science) which is a major problem.

    With regards to the subject of this thread though, there is no bursary for Business at the moment so that's not helping the situation
  7. RAJAB

    RAJAB New commenter

    does Britain employ teachers from other countries? because there are business teachers out there who can teach business, economics and even accounting

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