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In crisis due to a lack of Business teachers!

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Elfimo, May 10, 2016.

  1. Elfimo

    Elfimo New commenter

    After the third round of interviewing for a new Business teacher we are at our wits end. During each round we have had to suffer candidates not showing up for the interview day (we call five for interview, each time only 1 or 2 candidates show), pulling out half way through or just being dire that we are now left in an incredibly difficult predicament where we are facing the terrible situation of not having a Business teacher for September and 20 contact hours to cover!

    We are an outstanding sixth form college based in the south east with an excellent reputation and fast growing student numbers, you would think it wouldn't be that hard to find someone.

    I'm on here in the vain hope that someone may stumble across this post and either consider enquiring about the position or know someone that may be interested. I am also curious to see whether anyone else has had a similar issue.
  2. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    Not an enquiry just sympathy, I think there is a real lack of good business (and economics) teachers which is a total change from 2008 when you would get many good applicants for each job. I am not sure where they have all gone to?
  3. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    Possibly gone abroad - I know of several who are now teaching in International schools. Seems to be a world wide demand for them. My friend had her school pay for a 4 day course in Paris after she got the job, so she could teach IB.
  4. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    For some reason they're all teaching ICT/Computing - to the detriment of both subjects, it would appear.
  5. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    But the Computing NC out to send many back again.
  6. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    Really? I hadn't/haven't noticed that trend at all.
  7. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    Absolutely - I think that almost every "ICT" teacher in the county is actually a Business Studies teacher. It's a recent thing, though - it probably coincided with the KS3 Strategy and the introduction of portfolio-based qualifications that a more like "office practice" (once the domain of Business Studies) than proper ICT with relational databases, etc.
  8. CDiamond

    CDiamond New commenter

    When I started uni doing a BEd in Business Studies, I was encouraged to take ICT as the Subsid. My first job three years ago was as an ICT teacher and after a year and a half the only Business teacher retired and I took over his job role. Business jobs are seemingly few and far between leaving little option but for Business graduates to revert to their subsid. I agree with JacquesJacquesLiverot
  9. Totally80s

    Totally80s New commenter

    I am a ICT specialist who can cope with most of A level Computing but I've morphed into Head of Business unlike most Business teachers who go the other way.
  10. Elfimo

    Elfimo New commenter

    Thanks for all your comments, at least it seems to be a wider issue rather than us specifically.

    We are currently going through the third round of advertising for the post and so far no enquiries and no applications. We have even tried approaching the local universities to see if any current PGCE students would be interested only to find that they cut the courses last year. The county now has no teacher trainer facilities. Maybe that is our biggest problem.

    Our back up plan - utilise teachers from other subject areas if they are light on contact hours but this poses many issues/concerns. The worse case scenario, cut courses/put restrictions on the amount of students the subject can take. An option the college wishes to avoid considering a local sixth form has just been shut down due to poor financial management and their students are being picked up by us. The demand is there, but the much needed supply is non-existent.

    The application process is open for a few more days, fingers crossed someone decent applies. I shall keep you posted!
  11. tahutt81

    tahutt81 New commenter

    I think this is a problem everywhere, I'm based in the Midlands and have experienced the same challenges. When I did my PGCE 10 years ago there were 28 of us on the course. I now support the University in mentoring prospective teachers and last year they were concerned that the course wouldn't run as they only had 3 suitable applications.

    Last year we found it very difficult to recruit and ended up taking on a sub-standard teacher. This year recruiting for a Health and Social care teacher has also been challenging to find anyone of the right calibre. Good luck in your search.
  12. liveanddieinla

    liveanddieinla New commenter

  13. liveanddieinla

    liveanddieinla New commenter

    not too sure where you are(!) but you could always hire me....

    15 yrs teaching.......PGCE Business studies.....BA History LSE Teaching ICT and Comp Sci

  14. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    I got out for the simple reason of not being able to run my department the way I wanted to.
    Our GCSE wasn't getting the results we wanted despite intervention after intervention after intervention and more. I decided we would change to a more accessible course and was stopped by SLT. It was the final straw for me.
  15. ballmst

    ballmst New commenter

    We went out for a Business Teacher last month. We only had 1 applicant who was Business trained. The others were all ICT and computing who said they were able to teach Business!!!!!!! Sad but took on one of the more competent ICT teacher with our fingers crossed. What I am finding now is when colleagues from other subject are applying for jobs many are asked to teach the odd hour of Business. Many of the younger ones think they are OK as they did GCSE Bacs. Looking forward to September first time in 25 years of teaching just Business and Economics. Not ICT or Computing
  16. teacher4l1fe

    teacher4l1fe New commenter

    I am in an Outstanding/Good school in a lovely area with London money thrown in and we still haven't got any decent applicants having advertised everywhere for over a month.

    It really does seem like we are in tricky times for recruiting and retaining good Business/Economics teachers and I guess it will only get worse still!
  17. Dutch_Elm

    Dutch_Elm New commenter

    I am struggling to find a teacher of Business and Travel & Tourism
  18. SCAW12

    SCAW12 Occasional commenter

    This post gives me hope. Thank you. I am a Business teacher and next year as the subject is not EBACC, it is not running as a GCSE for the first time in over ten years through lack of interest from parents and their children. I am pleased we are still in demand and not a dying breed. Thankfully A Level is still as popular or I think I would be depressed!
  19. Elfimo

    Elfimo New commenter

    Well we have hired, only time will tell whether we made the right choice. It seems ability to perform well in the panel interview and the ability to work full time gets you the job regardless of whether you were decent or not during the interview lesson. Needs must I suppose. This year we currently have 120 applications above what we can cope with. We are hoping by enrolment those numbers drop significantly, but I imagine that was the driving force behind hiring.

    Are we missing a key opportunity here? If Business teachers are in such short supply, why are we not demanding higher salaries? ;)
  20. teacher4l1fe

    teacher4l1fe New commenter

    Most are you are right, I just moved jobs though and made sure to take advantage of knowing just how much of a shortage there is and negotiated 3 jumps up the pay scale! I would advise all good Business teachers in the south to do so!
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