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In a bit of a pickle...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Jen2185, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone
    I am a primary school teacher - I completed my NQT year 2009-2010 and I now job-share a Year 2 class. I am enjoying teaching this year, after a very horrible and stressful NQT year (who's isn't?!) and am finally starting to feel good at my job.

    However, before I got this job-share, I did supply, and I thoroughly enjoyed the days when I was sent to a reception class, nursery, or Y1 class. This was a huge surprise to me, as the youngest class I ever taught was a Year 2 class on my PGCE, and I never ever thought I would want to go into Early Years.

    As I am working part-time, I used today (normally a day off) to go into a local nursery to see if I still liked it. I LOVED IT!!! The children were wonderful to be around, the staff were fantastic, the classroom was beautiful, just loved every second of being there today.

    My question is - to anyone who could help me - if I decide to apply for jobs in Foundation Stage, would I be considered for interview, as my training qualifies me to teach children 5yrs-11yrs? My knowledge of assessment, planning etc in Foundation Stage is minimal, and although I can read up on this and talk to nursery and reception teachers at my current school, is this enough? Is there any specific training, or a conversion course I could do? I am hoping to continue gaining work experience in some more nurseries and reception classes locally before I jump into anything, but this does seem to be something worth pursuing I think.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
  2. Hello
    I also completed a PGCE 5-11years and completed my NQT 2009-2010 in a mixed age Year 2/3 class, In an amazingly supportive school which I love, it was maternity cover and due to end last summer. However another teacher resigned and I was offered reception this year with some thought I took it, and it was the best thing I have done, I love it! Its hard work as I had no previous teaching experience of this age group and the EYFS profiles etc, but I went on many course run by local authority and Im really really enjoying it.
    If this is where your heart is definately pursue it, Its so rewarding :)
    You have plenty of experience from your volunteering, I defnately feel it would be a firm standing to applying for jobs in foundation stage.
    Good Luck :)
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Well, you're not going to just walk into a job, so you'll probably have to take a longer-term view. If your next step is Yr 1, you'll be involved with all the transition stuff as well as getting to know 'where the children are coming from' academically. In the meanitme, do all the training you can get and study up on EYs.

    All the best. I still remember what a joy it was to move gradually down schools into nursery, and I'm KS2 trained!
  4. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    Keep up the "finding out" and volunteering - we have an NQT in our Nursery with no training and no experience of FS ... so GO for it!!!
  5. I'm another one who did a PGCE 5-11, with an emphasis on KS2 actually, my NQT year was spent teaching Year 2. My NQT year was maternity cover, and I struggled to find a permanent job afterwards, ending up doing supply in Reception, and I haven't looked back.
    I think you're doing the right thing with the volunteering and gaining experience, and I also agree that looking out for what training you can is a good idea - though it might be difficult to convince your school you should be attending Early Years training sessions if you're not currently teaching that age group. Have you spoken to the school you are currently working in about where you would like to move to and what you are doing about it (i.e. spending time in a nursery), and is there any opportunity for a future move there?
  6. Oh forgot to say, I recently completed a PGDip in Early Years, you might have a look around your local colleges/ universities to see if they are offering anything similar if you're up for further study?

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