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Improving Writing URGENTLY, SATS looming

Discussion in 'English' started by english.teacher, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    I don't know about Big Writing, but I have a placemat that I used with year 6 based on the pyramid. I let them use it in lessons and noticed a huge improvement to level 5. It gets them actively looking at punctuation they can use...
    My email is

    justine.lautsch@hotmail.com if you want a copy.
  2. Thanks- I think I have them- from Google images?
    How often do you big write with your class at this point before SATs? Do you use the pyramids to help the children to assess their own writing?
  3. Hi have you attended a 'surviving ks2 SATS ' course ? If you can find one to go on it's brilliant. We have 2 booster literacy lessons per week on top of our usual literacy lessons we use 1 for reading the other for looking at past writng tasks. All classes in our school do a big write every week, it has definitely helped to raise standards. Our yr 6 children always list the level 5 punctuation from the pyramid on their planning and tick off as they use it. It is useful as a prompt.
  4. I haven't been on one of these courses- will have to look out for it. Although it's cutting it a bit fine. Do you run the boosters after school then? Great idea about the punctuation. Thanks
  5. No we do 2 afternoons, it means that creative learning goes missing those afternoons for a few weeks but that's the way the head wanted it. It seems to work we have just done the english 2010 papers and since Jan all have improved, some even by a level !
  6. Wow, well done!

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