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improving vocabulary in writing?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by milliebear1, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hi there
    My lower set writing group has a group of about five or six children who have made little progress since Sept (certainly not enough to merit a sublevel anyway). They have in common poor secretarial skills (to greater and lesser degrees) which we have spent a MASSIVE amount of time on this year; and poor vocabulary.
    As a 'final push', I am planning to have these children go out for intervention with a TA for two days. One focusing purely on grammar and secraterial stuff, the other focusing on vocab enrichment. The former I am fine with - plan to have them do small pieces of writing where they look in detail at their personal use of punctuation etc. I am struggling with the improving vocab though.
    The children who have a wide vocab (and use it) in my class, tend to be the ones who have good verbal skills and who read widely. Some of the weaker children don't have/do either. I have spent a good deal of time this year playing vocab building games/Pie Corbett stuff etc, We spend loads of time editing writing and changing pedestrian language choices to 'better ones', but it just doesn't seem to have made a difference.
    What do you do to improve vocabulary in your children's writing?
  2. We have powerful word books made with examples from the children's own work. The general idea is when we play word games I collect all the interesting suggestions and then type them onto a sheet which then goes in the children's PWB. Or sometimes I choose examples of good paragraphs of writing from the childrens own work and occasionally from other classes and these also go into the PWB. Some of the children who go out for interventions also create others thinks to put in there. Then whenever we do any writing they get out their PWBs! My lower ability children love these as they sometimes are a little more accessable than trying to find an appropriate word in a dictionary or thesaurus.

    Natalie :)

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