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Impossible ict A Level? Quote of the decade from ocr

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mossonbrick, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. OCR. You have to love them. Anyone familiar with their tasks this year and the struggles of pupils and teachers across the land this year, will love today's tes article here: http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6092117 And their response: "An OCR spokesperson said: “There is no statistical evidence that the tasks are inappropriately difficult." I wonder what evidence of a statistical nature they were thinking of? The same old ocr, doing the same old thing, just like project 1a and project 2 in the old gcse. Someone needs to explain to them that holding your hands up and saying 'we got it wrong' might be a better way forward than always denying everything, especially when the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.
  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    So switch board
  3. We jumped ship to aqa a few years ago. There is little difference between exam boards with regards to willingness to listen and setting reasonably accessible questions.

    Aqa's candidate booklet for ict 2012 has many errors in it - they simply do not pay enough attention and care ie they keep costs low.

    Jumping ship isn't something to be taken lightly. New books, software all cost and i know my school's ict budget has been slashed recently, new inset sessions cost, building up knowledge of new ways and requirements takes years.

    I think a better way forward is for exam boards to change.
  4. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Oh I don't know, what £500 tops for text books, no need for new software AFAICS, INSET does not come out of ICT budget it will come from your school's training budget, and if you can't get on top of the new course within one academic year then that is not a fault of the course it is a fault of you.
  5. Has anyone ever called you 'arrogant'? I wish I were as good as you.
    'that is not a fault of the course it is a fault of you'.
  6. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Not that I am aware of. I amde a dogs dinner of the WJEC course last year and had work marked down and kids with mediocre exam results. So, guess what as a teacher, you know your job that you get paid for, I reflected and said that's not good enough. So I sent stuff off for early moderation, I got off my **** and made resources for the course and put stuff right that I got wrong in the first year. I am nothing special, I am just doing my job, and if you can't manage to sort yourself out after running a course for an entire 12 months then this is the wrong profession for you. I stand by the comment above, just I am hoenst enough to admit I have faults but do something about it.
  7. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Oh yes and I still got 2 kids getting U grades on the simple IT2 coursework this year, and so guess what next year I will put in place a better strategy for dealing with kids that don't want to produce the work, which inevitably will mean better monitoring of marking and staying behind after school and making more phone calls home. That was a fault of me, not the course. Quite humble ain't I.
  8. There will always be a little nervousness changing boards within that initial 12 months, as you're never sure how the results will pan out, if things are exactly as written or if you later find out that what was actually down in black and white they were never actually adhering to anyway. I think it takes at least 12 months to bed in.

    As for the kids with the U grades, a simple strategy is encourage them to drop the subject instead of making yourself jump through hoops trying to do their work for them. Better monitoring of marking though is a good idea, as it will help to work out who these time wasters are (if any) and get them booted off the course earlier. Why waste time on those who don't want to put the effort in to the detriment of the others who do want to learn
  9. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    The trouble is that more and more schools are going to rely on the unsuitable 6th form pupils to financially support the school, and with us keeping the little darlings in education until they're 18, more and more unsuitable pupils will remain in schools as they can't get to college.
    There is also the moral duty you have to help any child that comes into your class. We've had a number of 'time-wasters' this year. Some have actually surprised us and got of their behinds and actually acheived grades, but a few had reached the expectation of 'nil-points'. We beasted, phone, moaned and complained. With some it's worked, with others it hasn't. But you can never tell which until you do it.
  10. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Depending on the financing structure of the school of course. I have worked at schools where INSET is departmentally controlled and financed.
  11. https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6092117

    Getting back to the original posting, this is an example of what needed to be done, as an alternative to complaining about the need to complain. This seems to have been a very successful battle, involving over 40 teachers and ten A4 pages citing chapter and verse of OCR ineptitude, and arrogant distain. There were complementary stories on the BBC and Daily Telegraph. It seems to have had an effect in making OCR develop some enhanced awareness skills. Until their recent letter to centres, but that's another story.

    Moving boards is all very well, but some of us have done that too many times. Besides which it's not fair on students or staff for exam boards to remain immune from class roots.
  12. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    I also think there will be problems with the gcse, ocr are saying that 36/60 will be a C on the first coursework. 36 marks looks more like a good B to me if you look at the ms.
    Additionally they lied at their training course when they said the exemplars had been created by kids. And at another training event the trainer said some criteria were only on the spec to meet the PoS, and could be ignored. This board have issues.
  13. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    I wonder if tes have granted them the ability to delete comments they don't like from the tes web site?
  14. Ocr spend a lot of money on advertising with tes.
  15. The one thing that I have learnt in my time in teaching is that it is awash with arrogance and 'look at how good I am'-isms. Djphillips may indeed take some humble pie at some point, although I suspect he will choke on it.
    I have full sympathy with the dilemma of switching exam boards - its not something that is easy on the mind and can be done as a whim. It is a real shame that OCR have this increasing batten down the hatches approach to criticism. Take the Computing pilot where many reasonable people have real concerns about the level of challenge, content of the specification, and the endless wait for a supporting textbook. Take the Nationals - well enough said about their cash-cow. And issues with GCSE and A-level. We all want exam boards to reflect the needs of learners and the reasonable practicalities of teaching content. OCR need to grow up and listen otherwise people will vote with their feet. I personally am getting sick of OCR. Ok, whine over, tension gone! I'm off to get into bed with WJEC for a cuddle.
  16. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    Have you seen the new tasks for next year's Y12? At first glance, they seem to be much more of a suitable level for 16/17 year olds. There's 5 tasks instead of 6 - a straightforward graphics animation task, a mid-difficulty mail merge task that includes some selection, a complex spreadsheet, a complex database and a simple website where the only difficulty will be embedding live weather data. I say complex, there's nothing like last year's database task!
    Yes, the tasks will be difficult and will challenge my students, yes I will need to sit down for a good few hours to get my head around exactly what is being asked, yes some of the bottom end students won't have a clue with the database or spreadsheet task, but (importantly), my A* students should be able to complete all of the tasks. Did anyone, teachers or students, actually get a fully working database task from last year? I got most of the way there but only with custom VBA functions written. Hopefully, OCR have learnt their lesson.

  17. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    I think OCR's unit b062 for the gcse is tougher than the WJEC AS and A2 coursework. That's if you mark to the mark scheme.
  18. I just wonder how many of the whining ninnies on here actually DID anything about the crass OCR AS ICT incompetence and signed up to the Ofqual complaint? Or did you just hope OCR sat down and came up with better tasks all by themselves???

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