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Importance of mental strategies in maths

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by vikinggirl, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    does anyone have any suggestions of good books/articles I could look at about WHY mental maths is so important, when I google all I get are articles about HOW to test it!
  2. Change your search words.
    There seems to be an alarming trend in the number people not being able to use basic researching skills before giving up and asking others to be their google monkey.
    'The benefits of'
    'Importance of'
    'studies into'
    etc etc
    I have quickly looked and there is a mountain of info, some commercial, some research.
  3. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    I have a few books I could glady lend you if it would help, but here is my own philosophy (I reserve the right to change it as I get older!)

    The key mental skills are being able to multiply and divide by 2,10, and 100.
    Almost all else can be built up from these, so this is where I spend the most time with groups of kids.
    Having said that, I just lost a challenge at BETT to square any 2-digit number called mentally in under 12 seconds, so maybe this is not someone whose advice you should take too seriously!
  4. For my two cents, I think it's important because it shows students are actually doing calculations in their head without relying on formulas and if we have to work out something mathematically in our daily lives or work we won't necessarily have anything there to help us work it out.
  5. Sorry, Betamale, it does sound as if I expected everyone else to do my searching for me! I didn't really, I think the original phrase just got "stuck" in my head and I couldn't think of anything else[​IMG]
    I took your advice and came up with some very useful arguements so thank you, and to the others with suggestions too!

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