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Implications of being signed off

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by mapledrop, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. mapledrop

    mapledrop New commenter

    I am struggling to cope. My enthusiasm for teaching has been eaten away. I feel like giving up. Today was a really bad day. Kids were a nightmare. Technology let me down so I couldn't print off evidence to put in books. All staff are talking about how bad things are since the new head started in sept. TAs have had their desks taken away and it's the teachers desks to go next apparently. TAs are no longer allowed to do admin work such as displays, photocopying and sticking in, it's now the teachers job. Everyone is demoralised. It isn't the happy school I once knew.

    My first obs was RI. I was told my marking was inadequate. I've been off for a year on mat leave and I feel I don't know the ropes yet. Everything keeps changing and yet not all important info is being communicated. I've asked to see examples of marking and good practise. I'm hearing changes from word of mouth from other teachers, not from the head.

    I'm being observed next week and I am worried sick. I am really feeling the pressure and I have thought about going to the docs. If I get signed off, will it have any implications for applying for jobs in the future?

    I have decided to hand in my notice in after Christmas and leave at Easter. I can't live like this, the only time I don't 'work' is when I am asleep. I put so many hours in only to be told I'm RI. I have a baby who hardly sees me. I am miserable at home and spend weekends worrying about doing planning etc and getting things ready for the week. I have no work life balance so things must change.

    I thought I'd be a teacher for a long time. I loved the job when things were more relaxed and when I was trusted to do a good job, Now I am being scrutinised and criticised all the time.

    Sorry for rambling but I've had enough.....
  2. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Sorry to hear your story, again too frequent.

    To answer your question about spending time on the sick until you leave ( I paraphrase, sorry)
    1. Your health is the most important thing, so see the doctor and if that is the outcome then accept it.
    2. It will affect the applications afterwards to schools but it is quite possible that neighbouring schools will realise that leaving your current school (like many others) isn't surprising so not write you off immediately.
    3. Failing that go on supply, once you have done one job your agency becomes your current/recent employer and so your current school vanishes into the past and certainly not part of any reference.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I am sorry that things are so hard for you. As they are for so many people.

    If you are ill, then clearly you must see your GP and follow his/her advice. Your health is very important indeed. But do take care that this is not just a way to avoid the observation . . .

    This is really difficult for you. I suggest that you go and see your Line Manager. Say that you are not yet quite up to speed with things and this is causing you stress and distress. Ask for help and support.

    Specifically ask for:
    • The observation to be postponed until you have had a chance to get a better understanding of how things have changed
    • Clear and full details of what changes have taken place over the last year that affect you
    • Help over the marking with details of what to do
    • At least two sessions of observing good practice to inspire you and illustrate what to aim for
    And anything else you can think of that would help you.

    Write this list down, take it into the meeting with your line manager and give it so that it is in writing.

    After the meeting, e-mail them and say that you would like to thank them for listening to you and would just like to confirm what you need in order to be able to carry out your job effectively.

    That way there is written proof of your request for support.

    Best wishes

  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I would NEVER advise giving an agency as a referee if it can be avoided, they are rotten at it. Come and ask me on Jobseekers about references

    And actually your current school will not vanish into the past necessarily as a potential employer can contact them by post, phone, e-mail or whatever to ask about you even if you don't quote them as referees.

    Best wishes


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