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Implementation of Assessment for Learning in a SEN school

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by teacherba, May 15, 2011.

  1. teacherba

    teacherba New commenter

    HI, I have to do a presentatation for an interview titled "The implementation of Assessment for Learning within the Special School Context".
    I currently teach in Wales so have no experience with Assessment for Learning. I have researched it and read the relevant documents, but not surprising there is not much about how it is implemented in SEN.
    Is anyone out there doing this already and can give me some good advice?

  2. Hi there, I work in a special school in Scotland and I have found some info on assessment on the Scottish Government's website that you might find useful. It relates to autism, but I hope you find something in it that you're looking for. Best of luck.

  3. Sorry, there should be a wee dot after www
  4. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    Hi, I'm sure you do it, you just don't give it the official title.

    Look at the mainstream stuff then adapt and apply to your context (like we always have to do in special) Think IEP's from the objectives in the statement, how do you assess them and use them; Lesson objectives (wilf and wilt and all that); PIVATS, P scales, Routes etc etc, and how it applies.
    Have you used "routes for learning" (it was developed in wales) It's assessment for learning. How did you implement it in your school? Do you assess your pupils then plan your lessons so that the pupils learn? ('corse you do, you are a teacher!) It's a simple as that, honestly!
  5. teacherba

    teacherba New commenter

    Thanks both,
    I think i may just say' this is a great doc for mainstream but once again SEN have not been thought about! Ha ha, then add that SEN teachers have been altering the n.c so it suits our needs as once again it doesn't suit our pupils, and oh yeh, we have to alter nearly everything as nothing the goverment does suits SEN.
    We assess through pace and use routes for learning, but from this research i have found an Irish system called Quest, which also has very good ideas, if your interested in looking at it.
    Thanks again
  6. I definately agree with you advise.I am a special needs teacher and i finished my AFL Course recently. It looked like the only SEN Teacher according to the discussion forum. See what it is all about the content ,Use different learning style (8),Task analysis,I. E. PS.AM SURE YOU WILL BE THERE!

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