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implantation or wishful thinking?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all. I'm driving myself mad. On 5 July I was given a tablet to bring on a mmc. On 18 July I had an MVA to remove a clot that I hadn't passed. OH and started dtd every 2-3 from 23 July. On Monday I had a very small amount of brown spotting, a couple of spots on underwear and some on tissue. That was it. I still haven't had an AF yet and was wondering if this could be implantation? Last time I had implantation bleeding it was bright red late one night on tissue and that was it. Any advice or calming words greatly received. I go on holiday tomorrow, but am worried it's too early to test.
  2. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Your best bet is to either test and retest on holiday or return from holiday or see a doctor as advice on here will only be based on own experiences when our bodies react differently. However, I suggest you go on holiday, relax and enjoy yourself! xx
  3. I reckon its impossible to tell whats going on, theres no rhyme or reason to any of it. Holiday completely separate, go and enjoy yourself and if af no show in a week then do a test as you would at home. Its good fun doing preg tests abroad, I once did one in spain, great fun he tried to sell me a clear blue digi for 20 euros - I chose to decipher the cheapy spanish one instead! Have a lovely holiday and good luck x
  4. Thanks both. Had no more brown stuff since the other day, but OH declared last night that my boobs looked huge (and that's saying something with my boobs)! Hmmm.... Will test in about a week I think.
  5. Pack some pregnancy tests - and good luck! Really hope to be hearing some good news from you. xx
  6. I wouldnt pack them as if I did af would turn up. S0ds law n all....
  7. Got my fingers crossed for you as well. In a similar position right now. After chem last cycle i didnt want to try again, bur also wantedto be pg again as soon as possible. Was in two minds about ttc this month but then kind of went for it and ended up dtd on peak days. Now about 7 or8 dpo and having all the same pg symptoms i had the last times. Trying to hold off on poas a bit longer but so nervous, hopeful, excited, fearful of crashing disappointment. They do say that many people are very fertile after mc, so lets hope fhat there might be a bright side to so much sadness on some of the threads lately. Wishing you a happy holiday x
  8. Thinking of you Antoniou, hope it's going well. x

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