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Imogen, Emily, Holly -what are these girls like? (!)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. All lovely, although I do like Imogen the most out of the 3. Not common, but not weird. Have taught pupils with all of these names and all nice girls!
  2. Where I am there are lots of Imogens. I like the name but I have a drip of an Imogen in my class and it would remind me of her. Also- do you like the nickname Immy? Emilys and Hollys I have too- and I absolutely love them!
  3. Really like Holly and Emily, Imogen I quite like - think it is really gaining in popularity - have seen it mentioned here quite a bit!
    Holly and Emily both seem like names of 'nice' girls! Not so sure about Imogen, mainly because I always think of one in Big Brother!
  4. I teach a very naughty Imogen! Emily is a lovely name. Most of the Hollys I've known have been the 'it' girls at school and spell it 'Hollie'- that might put you off!
  5. Sorry - this thread has made me laugh.

    Such a teacher thing to ask! :-D
  6. I teach a lovely Imogen and a couple of nice Holly/Hollie girls. The Emilys I teach are sulky!
  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    All nice in my experience!
  8. I agree, all nice. However, Emily is v popular for babies a the moment (at least in my circle of friends!) so i'd probably avoid it for that reason. I have a name that was v popular in the early 80's and spent my school life being one of about 10 or 11 girls in a year group with the same name. We went for something classic and quite old fashioned but that's rarely used these days, Jemima.
  9. Lovely names for lovely girls. Or an alternative to Emily is my daughters name - Emilia.
  10. Thanks for your replies!

    I think Holly and Matilda (nickname Mattie more than Tilly) are top of the list. What do you think of Matilda/Mattie?
  11. I like Matilda, it is really growing on me and think Mattie brings up image of a lovely child- I know a lot of Tillys so would go for Mattie. I love Holly but it doesn't match our surname
    I adore Jasmine but husband said No,
  12. I adore Matilda! My mum laughed at it but if I called my daughter Matilda she'd have no choice but to love it (and she wonders why I didn't share baby names with her when we had our LO!) Probably doesn't go with surname though, of course! Boo! I know a gorgeous Matilda at my school :)
  13. Funny too- only today I was thinking of Jasmine too! Another lovely name. I had one in my year 2 class and liked the way her little friends shortened to Jazz or Jazzy- cute! her parents called her Jasmine though. I think it's one of those names that a teenager could adapt as and when they wish, lol!
  14. Matilda seems a popular choice so far! Out of interest Moomoon why doesn't it go with your surname? I have that worry too. I agree that Tilly is a lot more common so Mattie would be the nn of choice. I think OHs parents would laugh at Matilda. They laughed at Olive (when it came up in a random name conversation ages ago - they don't know we like it!) My parents won't comment on names - don't want to offend/influence.
  15. Some forenames and surnames just don't go [​IMG]

    Forexample Jenna Taylor, Benjamin Dover or Jack Russell. Seriously I know people called this.
    Some parents must be mad IMO.
  16. HA HA!!

  17. I love the name Emily-top of my list (if I ever get that far!!) Matilda is lovely too-I would go with Tilly rather than Mattie though.
    Never taught any Imogens. I don't know why but that name sounds a bit too posh for me! (hope that doesn't offend anyone!!!)[​IMG]

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