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I'm thinking of taking fluoxetine for PMDD. Anyone got any advice on this?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by stellycat, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. I get the worst PMDD. I am fine up until ovulation but after ovulation I get really anxious and generally feel tearful and feel unable to cope.
  2. I get the worst PMDD. I am fine up until ovulation but after ovulation I get really anxious and generally feel tearful and feel unable to cope.
  3. prettygreeneyes

    prettygreeneyes New commenter

    Don't do it, they simply mask the problem and don't address your imbalance. Go on www.pms.org.uk/ site, there are lots of natural options.

    I am addressing PMT that took over my life by following a gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet with supplements.Check out David Hompes website, google him, I am currently been working with him for a few months and it is proving successful so far.
  4. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    It's not PMT, it's PMDD.

    I was eventually diagnosed and prescribed it after years (13?) of misery and it completely sorted out my cycle - I had always been utterly irregular, had period pains that made me faint, had irrational anger that you wouldn't (or maybe you would!) believe, etc etc...

    Following Prozac, I am now bang on 28 days every month and with much reduced symptoms - just "normal" PMT that everyone gets now.
  5. Yes, PMT is different from PMDD as PMDD is debilitating. I just wish there was a cure [​IMG]
  6. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    PMDD is essentially cycle-related depression - Fluoxetine/Prozac can and does work. It's a well-known treatment for it. Try it. It might just change your life. And I didn't have to take it forever - once I came off my cycle stayed normal.
  7. Thanks janemk :eek:) My periods are regular as clock work. I have a period every 21 days that lasts for five days. The first three days are hell if I don't take a combination of diclofenac and paracetamol. After my period the first 10/11 days are great. I feel happy and normal - nothing phases me. The next 10/11 days are always hell. The days get worse and worse until my period. I don't ever feel suicidal but I do feel incredibly tense and anxious. I also get really tearful. I have never taken time off work but that doesn't mean that my work/personal life isn't affected by this. I am going to go to the doctors. My only worry is that my personality will change if I take fluoxetine.
  8. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Maybe "irregular" was the wrong word - mine were regular, but 35 days. I prefer myself now I am 28 days, but maybe that was just a happy coincidence.

    Your personality won't change (I have been through a nervous breakdown and back and had that worry but I'm still the same 'core" person I was before all the upheaval). You might be happier though ;-) You don't deserve to have half of your life taken over by this.
  9. I went to the doctors today and she said that PMDD was PMS - just a new fancy word for PSM. I know that PMDD is recognised by DSM IV as a proper psychiatric disorder whereas PMS is not - but forgot to put her straight on this. She said that there wasn't anything she could do for me as I am not depressed all the time and advised me to use 'angus cactus'. I've gone and bought this but all the research that I've looked at says that it only helps with physical and not psychological symptoms. How do I get help for this? The doctor said that if there was a magic pill everyone would be on it - i told her that not all women get the symptoms I get and she basically said that i had to put up with it as it is part of being a woman.
    I have had about three days off work in five years - but this does affect my work and the way I interact with people - I wonder if occupational health might help me [​IMG]
  10. In my opinion, Treatment of mental conditions in the UK is analogous to the health services in Third world countries.
  11. It's called 'agnus castus' not 'angus cactus' - oops.
  12. I had a similar scenario wih my doctor. DEMAND tohave an appointment with a gynocologyst. There are community ones you can go to see. When you go tell them your symptoms and fill this in (http://www.pmdd.factsforhealth.org/have/dailyrecord.asp) for 3 months before (usually takes that long to get an appointment anyway).

    My Gyno FINALLY listened to me after I had tried several other things with them eg yasmin pill for 6 months which made me even barmier.. told me that it was not my fault or in my head, My charts showed that my crazyness peaked at ovulation and again a few days before my period then vanished once my period had started. I am 27 and have finally got fluxotine 20mg for 10 days per month. I started it today. We will see the outcome but ANYTHING has gotto be better than this hell! :)
  13. I've had this suggested by 2 different gps its amazing the different responses isnt it? I decided against it and it settled down a year after having a baby (it was also bad prior to.it bizarrely) and I then just got 'normal' pmt again.

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