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I'm thinking of publishing a new teaching scheme...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    I only want to be part of your Teaching Big Initiative if I can complete a 40 page form at the end of it to get a new logo on the school letterhead. I can do that can't I?
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    You'll need to be visited by one of our Ambassadors to confirm your eligibility for the Bronze award. This can be renewed (at a cost) after two years, or you can apply for the silver award (at a cost). Those schools which <strike>pay for</strike> access three Ambassador visits will be eligible to pay for a visit (at a cost) for evaluation against the gold award standards, to be renewed annual (at a cost).
  3. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    This thread has been a timely reminder for me. I was in grave danger of allowing my Teaching Big Ambassadorship to expire! Fortunately, having been On Board since the Birth, I have already completed my annual TBA (Teaching Big Audit), and I am happy to tell you, Dear Lord of Teaching Big, that I think I have achieved 90% on my TBT (Teaching Big Targets).
    Most of the pupils have made progress with Teaching Big. Inclusion has been achieved ( the ADHD kid drew a TB logo). IT targets have been met (the ADHD kid uploaded his logo to Facebook). Co-operation has been above average (YAY!) No knives for a whole 2 days, so a good crossover with Healthy Schools Plus there. Teaching Big has reduced Cake Intake of pupils, but has, strangely, increased Raisin Intake. Energy costs have been reduced, since Teaching Big hates worksheets, loves tree hugs and candles in the classroom. (This is a handy link with Green Initiative via School Council.) Community Cohesion has been about average for our PAL. The rest of our Learning Community has done really well with this, but the best we could offer was a Teaching Big Singalong at the Old Folks' Home last week. It went well, not so sure how the TBR (Teaching Big Rap) went down. ("It's big, it's big, it's really really big. Learn it, like it, love it like your pig....").

    Anyway, my file is completely up to date, (yes, I have put in photos!). I am sending out a Parent Questionnaire about TB tomorrow, hope to have the results by the end of the Hols. Pupil Views will be canvassed after Easter. So, generally, it's all good. It's such a relief to have completed a whole year of Teaching Big. This has honestly Changed My Life, and I am now Passionate about TB.
    PS This is on my Performance Management, so can you sign the form quite soon, please?
  4. Energy costs have been reduced, since Teaching Big hates worksheets, loves tree hugs and candles in the classroom - Problem....we burnt down our classroom while using the candles to burn the worksheets, keep warm and use as a light source - forgot to do a teabag risk assessment..or wear goggles
  5. I am delighted to see the sub prduct developed for the small groupwork; Teaching It Tiny
  6. I have been thinking about the different units - teaching ...big! for general class, teaching it tiny for small group work, teaching it early for EYFS and teaching it spirit (for an inappropriate reference to G&T). I was wondering if there are anymore units available and what extra resources will I need to use them?
  7. chocolate.eater

    chocolate.eater New commenter

    Which of the parties do you think will take on 'Teaching Big' as part of the education section of their election campaign?
    There may be a sudden rush from the main parties to get in there first.....
  8. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Damn...not elligable for teabagging advisory post having worked in education for more than 12 months.

    Maybe I can be the caretaker?
    Theres bound to be a lot of mopping up to be done around the comfortable offices of the Teaching...Big! management. All they seem to do is drink the free gin and come up with more ingenious initiatives.
    Where do I send my CV?
  9. Hi have just noticed this thread is I leave my e-mail can someone send me the resources please, as I have not read it all but would love to teach teaching big as I need to move my class 6 sublevels this term and I have heard this resource is the best for teaching big!
  10. Soory meant to say if I leave my e-mail, was so excited by the chance of someone e-mailing me free resources I made spelling mistakes and forgot my e-mail.
  11. firecracker

    firecracker New commenter

  12. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    How is Teaching....Big going to help me develop community cohesion in my school? Is the pilot MFL programme (Enseignement Grand) going to be rolled out to cover KS1? Above all, how can it be that the scheme has reached this stage without anyone recognising the need for Teaching Big water bottles on desks at all times? As we all know, having to sit for twenty minutes without dribbling water constantly into the corner of your mouth not only impedes learning, but it can damage children irreparably when their blood dries up and oxygen can't get to your brain anymore.
    I'm aware that my reservations are purely because I'm a Philistine and stuck in the dark ages. The only reason we're all working so hard and achieving absolutely nothing is that we haven't yet started Teaching...Big. When your Ambassador demonstrated your resources for my staff we were all charmed, and we all agreed that watching him input imaginary data into the TBAG for half an hour was absolutely the best way we could have spent last Thursday's twilight INSET. We have already bought into TBAG Lite and are keen to roll this out across the whole school.
    Perhaps you could organise me into a cluster group with a bright shining school which has already established the scheme (Taught Big?). My school could pay supply to release me from my class for two or three days to go and have meetings with their TBAGCO about it all?

  13. Just realised as I finished off my last inspirational playground poster - we've missed the outdoor learning part of Teching ... Big!
    Big with
    Outside the

    Tafkam - you will have to include this in your next round of seminars - we could all come in trainers and Marks and Spencers co-ordinated tracksuits. I'll bring a parachute and a couple of quoits. I'm good a multi tasking - teching whilst balancing a bean bag on my head and restraining a child whilst using ICT in the great outdoors. T- B O L O C S at its best.
  14. Michellie, can I be ever so cheeky and beg you please please please please if it's not too much bother to email me your inspirational playground poster??????? [​IMG]
    We also need iTeaching...Big - a innovative suite of interactive software to support the Teaching...Big initiative, complete with online assessments that create incomprehensible graphs. The software should have the following system requirements: Flash Player, Java, Javascript, Adobe Reader, Shockwave, RealPlayer and a whole bunch of other plugins that make it impossible to run even with the computer technician on 24 hour call. And an award winning virtual reality classroom that makes the computer crash every time it runs.
  15. Bonsoir a Tous

    I am Gaston excuse for bad words i make babelpoisson for translationing. here in my country (France) we like to make relations with nice english people. it is schools objectives. we like to make Enseignement Grand! and Enseignement Plus Grand! and Enseignement Un Petit Peu Plus Petit (EUPPPP) part of french curriculum. Can we make linkup with Interweb and hold conference videos?

    French children can sing EUPPPP songs to English infants. Please i wait for reply from you.
  16. I have a query for the Teaching...Big Ambassadors: Do you "enable all stakeholders to share an overview of learning and progress and have a full awareness of the improvements in attainment that the school is aiming for, by ensuring that the success criteria for actions aimed at raising attainment are set out clearly and precisely in the school development plan? " We need SEF and SDP-ready Teaching...Big! and T-Baggage wordage for inclusion in these important documents
    (I am sorry to say that the quote above is from a recent Ofsted report)
    I am loving tres bien the multo languagionio tre beien ideas fixe. Je suis dead good at les languages moi.
  17. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    I've just finished my training and really want to advance as a Teaching...Big! teacher. Can you tell me more about the Teaching...Big! Advanced Lead Learners programme? I think T-BALLS are the future!
  18. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I too would like to have a copy of these resources please, please send them to
    Thanks in advance.
    Ga i copy yn Cymraeg, or is this yet another initiative that hasn't made it over the border to Wales, but that we try and imitate without being able to access either the correct training or the necessary funding...and that leaves us another step away from being able to apply for jobs in England once we've taught in Wales for a while?

  19. Just want to say a big thank you for the FREE resources am now going to spend my whole Easter holidays laminating them.
    Can't wait for my children to move at least 3 sublevels.
  20. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    I hope you've all completed the online registration for your schools to take part in the biggest single national online pupil survey in the history of the universe - in which they will all get to log on to the same site, at the same time (200+ kids in your ICT suite, 12 kids to a computer, breathe in...) and then have ten minutes to share their views on the extent to which they feel they are Learning...Big. It will be such fun.
    Each child will receive a lovely colourful certificate and lots of badges (which the school gets to print, cut out and laminate) for taking part, while the school with the most "T-credits" will receive a Trophy Of Integrated Learning and Excellent Teaching.

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