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I'm thinking of publishing a new teaching scheme...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. chocolate.eater

    chocolate.eater New commenter

    Have you heard? Ofsted are going to be monitoring the implementation of 'Teaching..Big' !
    Extra observations will check that you are using the formulae and inspectors will be carefully sifting through all the T-BAGS.
    They will be being paid overtime at an extortionate rate for the privilege of examining the TBAGS.
    Make sure your TBAGS don't end up in the bin!
  2. Gave flyer to HT today. Her face was an absolute picture as she read it through! Bit confused at first - thought cos I'd given it to her with gushing recommendation it must be good! Got to last two pargraphs then nearly fell off chair with laughter and tears! Called me all sorts of names!!! What a hoot! More like this please tafkam!
  3. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    You're quite right - I have updated to sort that. (That'll teach me to copy & paste too much from the forum)
  4. I dont get the idea of schemes (no other country in the world uses that word for units of study). I think its better for teachers to plan their own units. I think this makes the units more interesting and in line with current teaching practice and the interests of the class.
  5. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    The Teaching...Big! Assessment Grid...
    Will the process of filling this in be given the verb 'teabagging'?!
    I do hope not.
  6. Agreed. Did that for 20 years, then NC came along!
  7. This has made me laugh out loud! Thank you ( I should be cleaning the house!)
    Tafkam - email me the Teaching Big Assessment Grid and I'll happily convert all the statements into child friendly I can statements for everyone!
    How many waves of intervention are there in Teaching Big? Can I put them on a Provision Map and track the progress of all learners and filter for gender / race / EAL .....- I've heard tha pupils south of Birmingham are making 2 sub levels progress in just two lessons!
    Is there a facility for One to One tuition if some of pupls are struggling with Teaching Big? Is it known as Teaching Bigger?
    Pity ********** is no more - there could have been so many resources created to facilitate this program - enough to cause a laser printer ink famine I suspect.
    Don't forget to email the TBAG
  8. Tafkam is a hero in our house too[​IMG]

  9. V excited at the prospect of 'teabagging'[​IMG]
  10. Taffers, as a guru of Teaching...Big! I think Channel 4 would be very interested in filming and promoting this inovation in learning!
  11. Could I apply for a position as an Ambassador for Teaching Big please? I have excellent biscuit eating skills!
  12. Could I please apply for a post of an Ambassador for Teaching Big? I have excellent biscuit eating skills plus I know where they are usually hidden in staffrooms!
  13. If the SEN support is to be Teaching Bigger!! what is the add-on module for G&T learners to be termed? Not Teaching - Tiny . How about Teaching - Big with G&T?
    To promote this important initiative, give away Teaching-Big G&T glasses with appropriate logo, plus free bottles of G&T for the lead learners (and/or the lead learner facilitators). And for the Lead-Learner Facilitators' Domestic Support Officials.

    And is the BESD module Teaching- ***! ?
  14. That was supposed to replace the i in teach Bigger! with an alternative vowel.
  15. firecracker

    firecracker New commenter

    I'm worried about the TBagging - will we have to put extra money in the t bag fund to pay for it ? Don't think I can afford more than £1 a week - not unless there is a huge pay increase or maybe a special grant we can apply for to cover the extra costs.
    Remember you need a logo in gold, silver and bronze for schools to put on their letterheads, so parents can see what level the school is at.
  16. I'm sure there will be money in extended schools for t - bagging initiatives - as long as you can link it to your cluster aims you'll be fine.
    Think the application form is only 31 pages long to apply for the funding. But I know the criteria hasa number of boxes that will need to be ticked and cross referenced to ECM, G&T, Healthy Schools, Artsmark, Eco-Schools, International Schools, ActiveMark, Basic Skills, Investors in People and of course Teaching Big!
    Go - on tell me any other logos / initiatives I've not mentioned that I could cram onto the bottom of an already over-filled school letter head.
    Good luck with the funding!
    Am still working on the child friendly TBAG targets and designing some inspirational playground posters as I type!

  17. I have just realised, Tafkam - have you considered the Welsh market? And the Scottish and Northern Irish. Could this be extended to take over the world? I have always assumed you are welsh at heart because taf = taffy, but this may be a huge misapprehension!
    I am excited about child-friendly T-Bagging resources, Michellie. Are you thinking laminated t-bag targets in the form of child-operated, peer-assessed t-bag fans to be displayed by the children to tell you what they think the t-bag focus for the lesson is? (like number fans but with T-Baggage on them)
  18. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I want to be teacher in charge of teabagging or maybe an advisory teacher of some sort. I could be drafted into schools (for a moderate sum) and give INSET on the ins and outs of teabagging.
    I would normally shun such responsibility, however teabagging sounds somewhat more enjoyable.
    Love the sound of tbag fans btw.

  19. Can you publish two or three books on the subject also. The content of them can be pretty much the same, just tweek tiny little bits to make them ever so slightly different. Perhaps you could give them slightly different titles. How about give them a different colour, so that when people buy the avacado one, they will also buy the saphire one too.
    Then the lilac one!
  20. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    manic28 - have you any recent classroom experience?
    I don't think we want any who is used to real children in real classrooms to deliver the training. Much better to have someone who taught for a year or so before moving straight into advisory work - or better still university lecturing. None of that 'coalface' nonsense.

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