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I'm Stuck, Please Help!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chocoholic2007, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Think of it a bit like your personal statement for your degree. What do you think will make you a good teacher first......
    Although you have geared your thoughts to doing primary originally, think about why you have canged your mind? was it based on an experience?
    I was originally going to be an English teacher, but after placments within both English and Drama, I found my calling as it were. I mentioned this on my application. A bit like you, I wanted to be a teacher from my GCSE time (even before that) You need to think about what skills you have, what experiences you have had, what knowledge you have?
    Why do you want to be a Drama teacher? - do you want to instill knowledge? or passion, drive and confidence?
    Just be honest. (try to avoid cheesy)
    In your interview you can mention why you changed your mind.
    Think of it like any PGCE statement, but gear it towards your Drama experiences.

    As our past experience has been with primary students, have you gained any secondary experiences? (its very different)
    If not you will need to do this, even if it is just to clarify things in your own mind. Volunteer at a youth theatre if you get time.
    Hope this helps and good luck

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