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I'm so excited! Cuba

Discussion in 'Personal' started by frodo_magic, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Established commenter


    A fabulous vintage year but let's be honest for a moment; the world came close to imploding with the Cuban Missile Crisis. After months of spying, accusations, meetings and finger pointing, things came to a head in Oct 1962. America readied itself for a nuclear attack and response, by arming and dispersing its B62 bombers and putting its ballistic missiles on standby. Diplomacy won the day thankfully and decades later, we all can go on lovely holidays to Havana if we want to.

    The 'nuclear' threat by the EU against the UK is similar. This wholly undemocratic organisation sits in its bunkers aka luxury 5* hotels with expense accounts, plotting to destroy UK industry, scheming to steal the UK's rights to govern and fish its own fishing waters. It wants to obliterate the UK's laws and parliament. And incredibly, the Labour Party are now imploding in its own self-indulgent belly button staring crisis on anti-Semitism so are unable to behave true to form and moan, complain and doom monger at the moment.

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    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2020
  2. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Established commenter

    Here is a summary of the CMC in cartoon form for those of you whose history is a bit rusty .....

  3. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Established commenter

    It looks like Labour have started Friday with their own Cuban Missile Crisis:


    Rock on, Len. I did laugh out loud at the opening sentence:

    Labour's decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn risks "chaos" and could cost the party the next election, one of the ex-leader's most powerful allies has said.

    You think Labour actually had a chance in the next election? Really? There's nothing like optimism to raise the spirits. Are Labour becoming glass-half-full people after all?
  4. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    I think they just want to pay Corbyn off and send him to another planet. He was the token candidate back yonder who was not supposed to win any votes - he won the leadership contest.

    Then they tried to get rid of him, he won again....and again.

    He then got them to within inches of Downing Street....oh, no we all love him!!!

    Then he pushes for his values (which always seem real Labour values to me) and they went nuts again.

    Finally the people boot Labour into oblivion and he quits, sort of. All is well, Starmer takes the knee, bans anti-semitism and scores easy points on covid and Boris' reaction to it.

    Corbyn is no more! We are back to being Tory Lite!!

    Oh damn....he has again spoken out 'incorrectly' and we are back to civil war.

    They have no chance of re-election. Voters do not like civil wars and the Labour party has been nothing but the last 5-6 years.
  5. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Established commenter

    LOL. Great points, Dumpty. Well made.

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