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I'm so disillusioned, when did children stop being important ?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by FAIRYDELL, Dec 15, 2011.


    FAIRYDELL New commenter

    I've worked in education for a good few years now, but won't be for much longer. Our priorities seem to have drifted away from the children. All we are asked to focus on, is how many sub levels progress are made each year. Teachers are expected to teach children how to pass tests, support is directed towards children who can be bumped up quickly to achieve their age expected level, those who really need help don't matter. Let teachers teach, give them credit for the long, extra hours they put in, acknowledge their skills and judgements .
    It's not all about results, every child matters in my eyes means just that. Let them shine in their own way, let them feel proud to be able to be the best they can and let teachers be teachers, not level slaves.
  2. Well said. That was one of the reasons I got out.
  3. Agree with most of your post but have to contest this:
    Surely that depends on the school experiences you have had and the leadership you are working under. That is very much not the way we do things at our place.

    FAIRYDELL New commenter

    Devonsent, I do agree with you. You are lucky things are that way in your school. Our focus seems to be so superficial, in that, all that matters is looking good.

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