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I'm off.....

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by 1992CO, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Anyone who frequents the TES early years forum knows full well that they are NOT ALONE in their analysis of the early years scenario.
    The ridiculous bureaucracy of the previous years is precisely WHY the coalition government set up its early years review.
    That does not mean they will necessarily draw the most sensible conclusions from the review - but it does mean that everyone is in a really STRONG position to stand their ground.
    In other words, this is a COLLECTIVE scenario - and not one where you should be leaving your PROFESSION and giving up on your LIVELIHOOD as individuals.
    STAND STRONG - and be professional.
    It is PROFESSIONAL to challenge guidance and legislation when the guidance and legislation is not tenable and/or not reasonable.
    I suggest that guidance and legislation has not been tenable or reasonable for a number of years and you have got the powers-that-be being defensive and evasive about these issues.
    This is due in no small part to the MANY wonderful threads we have had on the TES early years forum for a number of years.
    If the review does not slim down the bureaucracy and expectations considerably, then we can create an outcry about this.
    BUT the strongest action of all is to simply non-comply and go about providing for the children in your settings sensibly.
  3. http://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/live-webchats-657/dame-clare-tickell-asks-0-5-curriculum-good-thing-704/480522-hello-dame-clare-tickell.html
    Read the sensible comments on this thread.
    Whilst not everyone feels the same way about the EYFS and its expectations, it is clear that many people have described their views and experiences very rationally - and this is ON RECORD NOW.
    This is certainly not about individuals feeling overwhelmed, disaffected, overworked, underpaid, in disagreement - this is about MANY people feeling that way and describing this.
  4. good link debbie thanks..... if teachers would only read these and then act accordingly
  5. As a Nursery Nurse in a pre-school I am in agreement with you, although it might sound odd! I think it's political correctness gone mad that we are all lumped together just because we all are involved in EYFS. Although we will all have things in common, we do not all do the same job. In the same way you feel it inappropriate to be sent on training with junior nursery workers (and I would say there is even a gulf between their and an experienced nursery nurses training needs), I find it a bit galling when I am sent on a training course with reception teachers and I find myself wondering how it is fair to expect the same of myself (less qualified, yes, but also much much lower paid and working in a less well resourced, non-purpose built setting). We are differently skilled and qualified people, doing different jobs and it's not being disrespectful or not valuing individuals to say that, it's just how it is.
  6. 2 days to go!!! Can't wait :)
  7. Just wanted to wish you good luck!! Believe me you will not miss the job at all, it is a wonderful relief to finish!!
  8. OMG it's a worldwide issue!
    My pre-primary (reception) colleague + I were saying the very same thing recently (Oz). We are BOTH feeling undervalued and made to feel we are being constantly 'watched'. We have 50 years of experience in this age group between us.

    Debbie Hep - so right! And I do dig my heels in. I AM the big mouth. I DO assert myself. And I WILL continue to do so.

    All this evidence- based stuff is political. Politicians= major ego "Look what I can do in my (usually short) time in office. Look how wonderful I am!" Admin staff - not much different. When it's more about egos and less about grass roots it's time to be "critically aware" and do the research that's required to support what we want.

    Go for it EY teachers! TEACHERS (not practitioners). Know your stuff and don't give up! Sadly that's something else to drain the energy away from the real job of teaching.
  9. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    One more sleep is it??? Good luck! Please let us know how you get on ... I am still dithering ... but think I'll be going too ... I am fed up with the "system" yet I still love being with the children so will hopefully do some supply (if there is such a thing anymore as we hardly get a supply in - it's a case of 2 of you can cover what it normally takes 3 to do rather than pay ...).
  10. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    From the above:
    Helen Clegg, head teacher of high-performing Shiremoor primary school, North Tyneside, told the Telegraph: “The EYFS has got completely out of hand and can have a negative effect on children. Teachers, particularly new teachers, spend too much time ticking boxes and assessing the children, rather than helping them learn
  11. I'm really excited about this (am I sad?!)
    My local early years consultant mentioned that they EYFS might be being phased out last year but I'd not heard anything since!
    Cant wait to read the review next week!

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