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Im not proud of myself!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by lampost, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I had an interview on wednesday and was told that they would definitley definitley be ringing us because of the lateness in the term that evening ( the job starts in Jan) and STILL I havent heard back, now I have a "little experience" at Interviews seeing as though this was my 20 something interview and I know this usually means that the preferred candidate has asked for time to consider their answer,and for some reason it really has got to me and so at 9pm I phoned the school answering machine and calmly said " My name is "Lampost" and I came for interview yesterday and was promised that I would hear back from you the same day, I accept that you have to wait for preferred candidate to accept the position before you tell the unfortunate candidate they were unsuccesful and placate them by telling them the decision was close, but I do believe that this is amount of time is bordering on Bloody rude and therefore please dont bother to interupt your last day celebrations at work tommorrow as I have already gathered the out come - Merry Christmas!
    Yes I know, its not the done thing it was spur of the moment and two years of vent up anger coming out, I feel guilty as I am not a horrible person truly and I KNOW I will have come across as arrogant and bitter, I cant argue with that - but my for just this once, it felt good!!
    I shall start writing my lines out now, I know you will all chastise me ...
    I must not swear on school answering machines.
    I must not swear on school answering machines.
    I must not swear on school answering machines ...
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Oh dear.
    Oh dear!
    Oh dearie dear!
    But at least you felt better for a short spell of time.
    Yes, it was rude and inconsiderate of them. They could have rung all candidates and said that they were not yet able to make the decision, but would be contacting you the next day.
    But . . . if you could wind back time, what would you do?
    Best wishes
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    I do Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contribute to the Job Application Seminars. We look at application letters, executive summaries and interviews, with practical exercises that people really appreciate.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Oh dear lampost.
    No good crying over spilt milk now & understand how frustrated you must have felt.
    However rather than writing pointless lines,put some positive thought into how you should have behaved and what you will do next time to cope with that frustration.
    I know it's usually the case that the preferred candidate gets phoned first & if you haven't had a call. it's <u>not </u>good news BUT someone posted a few months ago that they hadn't heard when they were supposed to. When the Head phoned (WITH POSITIVE NEWS) they were extremely apologetic and explained they'd had to return home because of a death in the family. When I had my recent interview again the Head was late phoning because they had had to deal with a couple of parents after school.
    So . . .supposing there was a genuine emergency reason why you hadn't had a call back- would they still offer you the job after that tirade?
    So think what you can do to 'avoid venting' next time. Come on here and vent if you have to. Anything rather than spoil your chances with a school.
    When do you get the call, try to be polite.
  4. I am not crying over spiIt milk over the job! am usually more than polite and I appreciate what you are both saying and I have never done that before or probably ever will again, however I had been in touch with the other candidate who was taking the time to think about it as it was a tricky post to go in to so I knew that was the reason !
    I would never ever scupper my own chances (except on this occasion) of a job and I too have been in situations where the school hasnt contacted me for ages and out of the blue they do and having 20 something interviews (actually counting up over 30) under my belt, I understand that this can happen and have been in bizarre situations with schools where I have remained nice, calm and polite when they are seriously taking the mickey - for example at one school, being the only candidate that turned up to be told they were giving the other candidate another chance two days afterwards because they were first choice and would I mind waiting till they had had their interview to be held to hear the outcome ... which sounds bad enough until they did ring me and asked would i be interested in six weeks supply setting up the dept and schemes of work for their first choice as she couldnt start till later! - Yeah that I was polite and remained nice!!!!!!
    So I think I cope with disapointment and frustration pretty well and I put A LOT of positive thought in to how I behave otherwise I would have gone under by now and believe me its not easy summing up the courage to go to interviews these days!
    Just this time I had turned down two days work, drove seven hours in the storms to get there, paid for petrol and a hotel and drove seven hours back in the snowstorms and wind and its christmas and I am now severely out of pocket, I cant afford presents and they couldnt even ring on time!!!!!
    I boiled over, I feel guilty that I let my usual self down,it wont happen again, but I actually dont regret it!
  5. Ooops! Obviously you are kicking yourself but if a school hasn't rang a full day later than it said it would then it is a little rude. I know HTs are busy with so many other things but nowadays SMTs can be so big that surely there must be someone available to even leave a message saying "we are still waiting to make a decision", if that was indeed the case. I do believe that people who have been on permanent contracts for the last few years at least, have no idea the situation facing current jobseekers (in any job, not just teaching).
  6. The head was too busy organising the afternoon carol service to actually meet us. as was the 2 deputies and 4 assistant heads!
  7. Well done, Lampost!

    So many recruiters fall so far short of Theo's excellent standards, and treat candidates without the basics of courtesy and respect.
    I wonder if their schools are happy places for staff and children to thrive?

    I wonder if they treat OFSTED inspectors in the same way?
    I wonder if *I* would like to work there...?
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I do understand the OP's feelings of frustration, etc - but if you were a close second and another post came up...you might just have scuppered your chances of being offered a job.
    Mind, if they are as rude as they seem, you might not want it!
  9. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    I went for an interview once (my first teaching) and there were 7 candidates, teaching the same subject to the same kids. I was last to teach but first for interview. Having sat around for 3 hours in the morning, the thought of sitting around for a further 2-3 in the afternoon wasn't appealing. The school said it was fine to go home and they would ring me. They had said before interview that we could stay or go home. By the end of the following day I rang because I hadn't heard anything and the response was "have your rung for feedback?" and I said no, I had rung to see if they had appointed yet. "oh, no one rang you?". I wasn't surprised or disappointed that I hadn't got it, but some schools can awful.
    This does't mean to say what you did was really your finest hour re the possiblity of long term and schools talking, but it really was incredibly rude not to ring you. Even if it was the pa, it's better than sitting around waiting for the call. Thats employers all over for you. A few weeks ago I went for itnerview and was told that they would ring the next day (not a school). Obviously, nothing heard but I got a letter on the monday to say I hadn't got the job. NO SH**T SHERLOCK! If I hadn't had anything in the post that day, I was quite prepared to do the same as Lampost. Sometimes it all gets just too much.
  10. It isn't only schools that treat people like this. At one point I decided I had had enough of teaching and applied for a job in a library, was interviewed and told they would be in touch one way or another that evening. When they didn't get in touch I dismissed it, thinking that someone with a library qualification probably got the job. Meanwhile I found a fairly long term supply job. 3 weeks later they phoned me in the evening, full of congratulations to say they were delighted to be able to offer me the job. When I explained that I was no longer interested (I would have earned considerably less than I did on supply!) they said "Oh, did you just come for interview experience?" in a sort of hostile way.....

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