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Im not going to do your interview/lesson/assignment/essay/thinking for you

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Bekseb, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I see myself as quite helpful, it amazes me that teaching is the only profession I can think of where professionals share ideas and resources so freely.
    But seriously, if I see one more "what are the current issues in education?" or similar I will go mad!
    Some general advice to people who are writing assignments/essays or preparing for interviews is that the school/university are looking for what you think and believe, not what TESers think.
    Use your own brain first and I am sure people will be happy to help, but please don't just write the title of your essay and expect help. It is unlikely you will get anything useful.
  2. I can see your point but I don't think this post will stop anyone anyhow.
  3. Years of many posters telling people to come up with their own ideas first have failed.

  4. I think you are being a bit unfair. Im an NQT and have used this site, and others to ask for advice and suggestions. Teaching is about the sharing of resources. You can suggest ideas, we can use your ideas and lesson plans, but that doesnt mean we will necessarily teach it well, that is what is looked at in interviews, not so much the content. I know that when i recieved suggestions on here, I always made them my own anyway, as you need some ownership over it. I think rather than air your views on here, you should just ignore the pleas for help and get on with your own stuff. If you dont wish to contribute and help others, then dont, but dont rant about those who do. There must have been a reason why you joined this site in the first place, and i reckon that was probably because you were looking for help or inspiration yourself
  5. The thing too many people misunderstand is that many of us are more than willing to help develop ideas and share resources.
    What really grates is the sheer laziness of this sort of post....
    'I have an interview on Thursday and I need to teach a lesson. I have half an hour. Can you tell me what to do.'
    If you can't even come up with a LO or even the basic idea of what subject area you are going to teach then you probably don't deserve much help!

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