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**********.... I'm mortified!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Tinkalink, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The LAs involved have informed schools of the reason
  2. Yep - the reason we have been given is dubious and as far as we know we're allowed to still use the resources, we just cant access the site at school. Sowe havent been banned from usingthe print outs, just accessing the site from the school network...

  3. Rowen

    Rowen New commenter

    The reason has nothing to do with overuse of resources. A letter has been sent to heads in some authorities explaining why use is not encouraged. I think those struggling to understand why this has happened should ask their own management.
  4. I go in a fair few schools being on supply and yes, most schools have jumped on the ********** train and you see teachers running into each other's classrooms with crazed looks in their eyes only usually seen at the January sales when new stuff goes up... but it's relevant to the curriculum and in 99.9% of schools it's used selectively and intelligently - so what the heck is the problem (apart from the major case of politics it sounds like lol). I can see people having issues with it when it's indiscriminately clagged up to just fill boards, but most of the use I see for it isn't on display boards for children's work - it's those semi-permanent things you have on show anyhow, like alphabets/phonemes, days of the week, colour words, helpers boards - which you'd have up anyhow - just have had to cobble together something yourself instead of having it ready-done... and why invent the wheel? It's not as if your average kid is going to see 20 different schools a year and go "oh Miss X had those letter cards on her wall as well."
    Unless of course you're sad like me and actually enjoy fiddling about on the computer making resources - but I'm not normal.
    Usually the only people I see complaining about ********** are whoever has to order the colour cartridge for the school printers!

  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    good advise
  6. I am really worried about this. Everybody in my school uses **********. Is there really a legitmate reason why we should stop?
  7. To my knowledge this is about the fourth thread on this topic. The first began possibly a year ago and quoted CP issues but that's not I'd want to bandy around. ********** has said in the past they are looking into it and i can only assume they have.
  8. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    So, once again we have some veiled mutterings about asking LAs or "I heard it might be..." which isn't really helpful to those of us who don't work for one of those authorities. I sat in the dinner hall of an infant school today which was awash with Sparkle Resources and would really like to know whether there is a genuine reason why we should not be supporting this organisation.

    Sparkle - we know that you monitor this forum because you respond to requests so speedily. Any chance of coming clean so that the mutterings will stop?
  9. Hi All!

    We are just as confused as everyone. Through detective work and the grapevine, we have worked out which LAs seem to have a problem and have contacted them several times, and by several means.

    Unfortunately, there is a wall of silence from most, and the one that did reply simply wrote a two-lined letter saying they had been advised to block by a 'higher authority'.

    We are aware of some of the rumours and can only reassure everyone that there is no reason whatsoever that the site should be blocked. If anyone has ever seen anything on our website which is cause for concern, we would appreciate being told so that we can investigate.

    There's no viruses, no ilegal content, everything's free, we're always professional when corresponding with visitors, and there's no contageous disease associated with displaying our materials in schools, certainly no CP issues... there simply doesn't seem to be any sense in blocking it.

    We suggest that people visit the site and make up their own minds. If they see something that offends (we'd be mortified if this was the case), then don't use it. If you like what you see, then use it.

    There's nothing more we can add - you guys seem to know more of the whisperings than we're privelidged to know. It'san annoyance, but does not affect the running or popularity of the site - we're still growing at a faster rate than ever, for one simple reason: we provide what people want, for free. What can be wrong with that?

    On behalf of the whole Team (and the elves too), we'd like to say 'thank you' for sticking by us :)



  10. I never had any problems with the ********** website when I paid for the resources ( and they had just a few freebies) however since the site has completely free resources ( and lets face it nothing is free in this world, if it looks too good to be true it usually is !) I have stopped using the site myself. My computer goes very slow once I have been on the site, and if I do a scan afterwards I have tons of spyware on my computer ! Some one is paying for the site, and ********** explained when they went free that they have sponsors but were unwilling to say who ! I think this would explain why some LA'S do not want schools to use the site as maybe there are too many computer engineers fees !
  11. The real reason is that ********** are giant lizard people who have infected all their downloads with a life threatening solution. They want to turn us into their unquestioning and docile servants. LAs always quick off the mark were the first to realise this. They rightly point out that teachers are LAs unquestioning and docile servants.

    But who's right?
  12. thanks to Msz I've discovered Mychalkface - great if you can't access ********** (Well. great if you can access ********** too - oh, you know what I mean!) Well worth a look for anyone who doesn't know about it already.
  13. Because I don't work for a school, but only in schools (I work in F.E.) no-one seems to tell me anything. I am an adult. I can cope with hard facts. Please just don't tell give me a different version of the truth in each school I visit! If extended schools are really going to work, I suggest that all education professionals start to talk to each other.
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    educational professional <u>do</u> talk to each other but sensibly choose <u>not</u> to do it on public forums
  15. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

  16. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    I have just been onto the ********** tool bar and typed in mychalk face as the recent poster suggested and pressed search.....sparkleboxes sponsors I think are the problem?
  17. Hi fulloffun

    I think the search function on ********** only searches that website; (some search boxes give you the choice to search the web/ that site only, but I think that one says 'search the **********'; the mychalkface search box operates in the same way.)

    I don't think I can add a link on this forum - but anyway all my posts and links are to be found on Marketplace!

  18. I for one, actually think some sort of control of the useage of ********** is a good thing. I am tired of walking in to every classroom and it all looking more or less the same. There are more 'Learning Boards' than there are children's work in many of classes.. Printing / laminainig etc all of these 'resources' is time consuming in its self. Have teachers lost the ability to draw / write/create//think for themselves? I know it's a hard, all consuming job but children deserve to be taught in a stimulating environment and that is NOT wall to wall ********** and every piece of labelling done on a computer.
  19. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    I reallylike the stuff from SB and the phonic resourcesfor L&S are briliant. I do agree though that it is used too frequently in classrooms.

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