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I'm looking for the following primary books if anyone is selling them?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Coughlin1985, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Coughlin1985

    Coughlin1985 New commenter

    Hello, I am starting my SCITT course in September and need to buy several books.

    Learning to teach in Primary School 4th edition - Teresa Cremin & James Arthur

    Teaching systematic synthetic phonics in primary 3rd edition - David Waugh, Wendy Joliffe & Angela Carss

    Teaching grammar, punctuation and spelling in primary schools 3rd edition - David Waugh, Wendy Joliffe & Angela Carss

    Mathematics explained for primary teachers 6th edition - Derek Haylock with Ralph Manning

    The really useful science book. A framework of knowledge for primary teachers 4th edition - Steve Farrow

    Please contact me if you are selling and happy to post.

    Thank you!
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Why on earth do you need those books?
    I have a massive number of teaching related books, but none of those and I'm not overly convinced they will be the most useful for teaching. They seem more suitable for theoretical philosophising about teaching, such as when writing essays.

    I'm not very familiar with SCITT courses, but was under the impression you were in school, with your own class, teaching full time. If this is the case, there are much more useful books out there to assist you.

    Teaching phonics is only useful if you are in EYFS or KS1 and the school will have a scheme to assist, or colleagues will help. Looking though 'Letters and Sounds' and getting ideas relevant to the age you are teaching will be heaps more useful.

    Similarly there are far more specific to certain year groups books for SPAG teaching and also many websites.

    If you are vaguely competent at maths, the 'Mathematics Explained' will be just be patronising, and is very, very dated now. If you can do maths itself, then the scheme the school uses will be far more useful in showing you how to teach it.

    Similarly the science book...just look at the NC to find your framework of knowledge!

    Sorry, not been very much help, but, unless you need to write an essay on all of the topics before you start the course in September or someone is going to tick off that you have read the books, then I'd skip all of those books. Once you know the year you will be teaching in, ask again on here and heaps of people will recommend books and websites that will actually be useful.
  3. celago22

    celago22 Established commenter

    I'd recommend buying the Haylock book for maths (you can obtain it for about £20 from Amazon) . He explains various approaches to teaching things and goes over misconceptions. I wouldn't worry about getting any other books. YouTube is great for watching lesson observation videos and for phonics. You should spend time familiarising yourself with the NC and the Spag requirements for the year group you will be teaching. Also take time to read the school's calculation, maths and English policies.
  4. Over_the_hill

    Over_the_hill Star commenter

    Wait and see what schemes the school uses first. I bought way too many books and it was a complete waste of money. If you go to a school that does RWI you will have to do it that way (and it’s very prescriptive). Same with Maths. If your school buys into Maths No Problem you will have to structure your lessons a certain way. Hold fire for now!
    As for learning to teach, you will pick up far more down to earth and honest tips on here! Good luck. X
  5. Over_the_hill

    Over_the_hill Star commenter

    PS I did buy The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook which was worth every penny!
  6. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    :D:D:D Me too!
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